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8 months
59 minutes ago
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Barney's Farm

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LongJohn420 Apprentice
Sapphire Scout
Growing it
This is something good. Me like alot. alotlot heh. But yes soothes body and mind. Very strong. Long lasting absolutely wonderful. I'm still curing so I'll update more after some deeper exploration. But this one will make you totally happy and satisfied. All body aches gone!
I could have done little better there was some stress that could have been avoided.
This will be awesome for extractions! After trim job I got good glomb of finger hash :ok_hand:
But that much I can say that I can recommend this! My back doesn' hurt! :pray:
1 month ago
LongJohn420 Apprentice
French Cookies
Growing it
Growing was very easy. I was pretty easy with nutrients and she did very good. I only vegged her 2 weeks so 50 grams out of her was very good. Next time I'll try longer veg like 4 weeks. These like to grow nice center cola so I will use center cola style with these. Also SOG setting would be good for these.
Smoke is strong. Creeper.. good mood. stoned..giggles.. I'm curing her still so I haven't smoke much. I'll update smoke report soon as I'm more experienced with this strain. But yes liking it..recommendable? absolutely! :ok_hand:
Smell is very minty earthy and creamychoco like hard to describe but maybe I'll get this updated too when smoked some more.

UPDATE (smoked some more :sunglasses:)
Taste getting better and smell every day in jars. Curing is crucial. Brings up those cookie flavours. Mine got dryed in a little too hot room. Outside got suddenly like 28c degrees and sun shined right to the little room where my drying tent was. So there was little hay smell at the beginning but now I think 4 days in jars hay smell is gone and those good cookie aromas coming thru nicely.. so yeah.. be sure not to dry your herb in too hot place!!!
And this is strong I like it. High is energetic / motivational, you just feel happy. Everything is funny and there will be giggles. Relaxes you good too. Muscle tensions were gone after few hits so little medicinal value there also. :ok_hand::pray:
1 month ago
LongJohn420 Apprentice
Sugar Breath
Growing it
She was quite easy to grow. Started build that frost coverage early on. I think it was like day 14 or somewhere there when bud leafs started to take good shining. And boy did it build up to be good amount of resin in the end! This bud will make excellent bubble hash! Buds are coated in powdery like resin all over. Veeryy nice. Hope some of it's berryness in taste transforms in hash also. Smell is very pungent and GASSY. Myrcene and pinene I think are present. Strongly.
Good bud instant change of feeling from the fisrt puff. Makes kinda warm space helmet inside your head. You feel just fuzzy and happy. Muscles relaxes and looses pretty much all tensions after good hits. No paranoia what so ever! Loving this one, Humboldt knocked out the park with this! Straight there with Choco mint Og, Thanks! Gonna grow again!

Updating after serous testing:
Starts to tickle on the top of your head and slowly works it's self downwards relaxing every muscle tension on the way. Leaves you to happy place. At first even talkative and euphoric very relaxed. After 60-90min your are getting stoned of your ass as indica side kicks in good. Lovin every bit of this strain! I feel like I should give 10 stars but I won't..I just hope there is something still outhere.. :wink:
1 month ago