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4 years ago
Hi @Mexicanwear! Before the curing process you need to make sure that your buds have correctly dried. Under-drying will ruin the final product by making it unsmokable and this may lead to mold/rot. Over-drying will also affect the final product, because you will loose most of the terpenes and potency, however this is easier to fix (by re-humidifying the buds). Now regarding the curing process, jars are the best way to go, avoid paper or plastic bags because they will increase the risk of mold. I use 1L jars in transparent glass, I fill them up to ~60% because some air must remain in the jars, especially for the first weeks of the process. In case of transparent jars, you must protect them from any source of light, so I keep them in a closet. I open the jars everyday (5-10 mins), then I move the buds and look for mold/mildew, then I re-lay the jar upside-down in the closet. This daily opening process lasts for 2 weeks, then it becomes a monthly process. I usually keep on curing for 2 to 3 months, but you can cure up to 6 months, with an average RH (~50-60%). I don't use Boveda Packs because I usually have this average relative humidity once jars are closed, plus I'm not a fan of its chemical composition (potassium citrate monohydrate + xanthan gum). If you don't like jars and can afford a dedicated tool to cure your weed, Cvault has created a nice curing container, take a loot at It's a game of patience and surveillance. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date, and enjoy your harvest :facepunch:

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I will update this after the cure
4 years ago

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