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2 years ago
@CANNASIM, So I typed a super long comment and it didn't post. So please excuse if this remark isn't as thorough. Congratulations on your win. I read almost all your comments and I thought they were fantastic. You earned that win! So I live in a place where it's legal here in the USA and we have very strict laws regulating the testing of plants as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding how to grow in every way you can think of. I was only negative with one person in particular and I received so much love for the evidence I presented that I don't have a problem pointing it out. The person in particular I singled out has since removed the evidence of their false information from their diaries. (I have screen shots) I probably wouldn't have made such a big deal if that person wasn't one of the top growers on the site with dozens of awards that are most likely the result of aforementioned false information but I digress. @Growdaries got involved and changes were made. I was mostly concerned that people who are just trying to make their own medicine were following those instructions of his and failing at what they were doing and possibly growing poisonous buds from over using nutrients. The person in fact antagonistically said to me "good luck bro" in regards to me proving that he was willfully lying (Which I did prove). He also said that he knew his information was incorrect and that he in fact made it more incorrect for a short time because I said something. He also commented that he knew for a fact that he was maybe fudging some information and also admitted that he didn't even know his power consumption and was basically just making up numbers that "looked good" and "seemed right". My negativity was only matched with his negativity in the matter. As I've said this proof has since been removed from the site as I'm sure @Growdiaries as well as him did so. Knowingly falsifying information hurts the community and is against the terms of service. I just got a tid bit upset. I'm on the spectrum so not everything that I say comes out right all the time. Thats something I'm working on personally but I probably wouldn't have caught all the misinformation if I wasn't so thorough and upset about it. I'm happy to share my finding with anyone as I still have all the screenshots showing what I reported and found. Sorry if it all came out wrong because it's pretty clear I went about it the wrong way. I agree with you completely though. I just want people to learn how to do things and do them the right way in a constructive setting. Toxic people in the top of the pyramid can easily ruin that for the rest of us lowly folks just trying to learn, present our knowledge, or just plain grow their own medicine. I just wanted to make sure that it was pointed out, I however did it in the wrong manor. I didn't think so many people on both sides of the argument would show so much love and hate about what I said. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else. I just wanted to point out that it was wrong in that some of it was intentionally wrong to make him look better and some of it was accidental.