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7 months ago
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Brothers Grimm Seeds
Cogo's Original

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Mr_Positivo Master
A much better grow this time around and the results are also superior in effects. Not sure if there are many strains more powerful than this one. The mature terpene smell leans toward a minty version of the banana. Love it but likely epigenetic effects influencing here also. This starship of a strain takes you to outer space very quickly. Its a nice ride. Effects for me can be quite visual in a super real kind of way. A vigorous growing plant. My grow room is warm. Not much I can do about that. Buds are firm but not hard like the Kush. All in all. This Mac is a special plant. No question. Hoping for a good cure. Will get back with final results.
3 years ago
Mr_Positivo Master
Capulator – MAC 1
Growing it
Banana Mac: She has a very nice nose. Stinks the grow room with a wonderful aroma. The piney minty cookies pheno is divine Only one plant has this nose. The other plants are banana phenos. They are smelling good also. Curious to see how these flavors evolve during the cure. Mac is a vigorous plant. Chunky buds. Low calyx to leaf ratio though. This is strong medicine. Quite physical, you can feel it in your head. Radical change to one's perceptions. Only vaping off the plant for now. Amber trichomes are evident. How strong is she going to be after the cure? I can't imagine. I vape most days. I have a high tolerance and right now after vaping a bowl, I am very pleasantly out-to-lunch. I'll wait for the cure before commenting further except to say, these buds are heavy, like really heavy. Almost 9 oz wet of one small plant.

Mimosa Cherry Cookies: by Relentless Genetics. I haven't gotten the vibe of this plant yet. Will comment later. She is a wonderful sweet earthy Kush. Lots of purps coloring the buds. Hardest nug award goes to this plant. Rock solid.

Chernobyl: great structure, love the bud shape. Strong on the nose. Looking forward to tasting her again after a cure.

Lemon Sugar Kush: by Rebel Grown Great plant, lovely pointy sugar leaves and calyxes, distinctive spikey buds, really vigorous and lanky, large internodal spaces. This pheno would do better outside. I would love to grow her again as a mono grow though, more controllable. Also, she is very smelly. Lemony fuel. This one turns your lights on, fries your nose hairs. Unbelievable. I got a similar intense nose off the Mac also. It came on very late. I think this is the silver lining of the organic soil mix.

Looking forward to the cure.

May 24.
First vape in a month. Completely laid off. Wanted to see what it was like to abstain and freshen my palate.

Mac Banana.

Loud banana on the nose upon grinding. light banana in the jar. Really lovely and fragrant. Therapeutic for sure. Flavor: woody fading into an earthy finish. Nothing fruity at all! Quite surprising.

Liking it. Not sure about the head space yet. Similar to the Lemon Sugar Kush. Clearheaded, present, focused.
Lemon sugar kush which has a compelling lemonwood smell is a high energy stone. She is invigorating mentally imparting no nervous energy. Very clear headed. Light physical effects. I was hunting for the betacarophellene lemon pepper smell. I got lemonwood. Not quite there yet.
3 years ago
Mr_Positivo Master
G13 Genius
Growing it

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