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Green Buzz Liquids

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munchies Master
Dr. Grinspoon
Growing it
****The Doc! Dr. Grinspoon is a strain named in honor of the Harvard professor and cannabis advocate,Dr.Lester Grinspoon,bred by Barneys farm ,which is a absoulte delight for the weed connoisseurs all over the world,i dont even know where to start..
As i've looked back into it ,it was a damn long run,almost 6 months! WOWIE ! she went 169 days ,with 99 days of flower.
Now this strain is well known to be a difficult strain to grow so i can try to point out one or two things about whats making her grow really confusing to some people

--one thing i've noticed is the amount of pistils this strain is shooting out at the end of flower,yeah that means she can pack more weight but still

--growing leafs too and the buds getting all stretchy and foxtailed can make people confused,some twisted growth here and there,mutated buds or wierd shape "heirloom" plant look,it's a heriloom sativa landrace strain in the end so expect the heriloom look on buds,(even saw one guy on youtube flowering her more than about 140 days or smt,she was still growing and growing ) it's not re-vegging or other stuff,its pure psychedelic DR GRINSPOON BALLS !

--lots of pistils which aren't darkened but curled in ,don't expect all pistils to be darkened by your harvest time ,it's a known thing for some long flowering sativas to still have white pistils at the end ,well if you look a bit closely those are more with a lime vibrant tint of color to them :sunglasses:
The best thing is to look upon trichomes on this one to figure out the right time to harvest,or to get a good indication as in a aproximate time when your harvest window opens ,because what i've mentioned above is tricky so just gotta get the zoom in on those buds and see those nice mushroomy cristal heads :heart_eyes: **Note** not all long flowering sativa strains can get amber trichomes,so try to harvest when more then 90% seem milky,for a max potency high!

About how she grows and what she likes is not over feeding her but trying to maintaing a good balance to not get into deficiencies at end of flower,so you have to time right when you stop giving her nutes,dosages as well.
This strain takes alot of stress and like LST in particular,responds well with topping too and definetly loves a scrog net with some lollypopping ,i've definetly made a mistake here and there,just was lucky enough to not get her into deficiencies.I think i overdid it a bit on the Nitrogen side but it kinda went out fast after around 20 days of clear water.
The buds were washed in baking soda and hanged upside down for 8 days ,i decided to trim as the drying goes along,so i had alot of work up ahead,got alot of trimms and will do some brownies before xmas :innocent::heart_eyes: so that's a YES for me !

I honeslty admit i've pinched a bud here and there for smoking,inspection all in the name of science :innocent::sweat_smile: well i took only popcorn nugs off so not a big loss,so nothing to see here ,move along :muscle:
The flowering cycle is definetly crazy or how i prefered calling it "rabbid" right after she stops streching ,growth slows down a little and after 2-3 weeks she starts on growing again,but she doesn't follow a strict flowering rule like all the other plants i've grown,she starts putting up trichomes before adding on weight,then she starts adding on some weight and starts streching a bit more,then bulking up and shooting more hairs.period.repeat :astonished: **mind fuck** but still trichomes are one of the primary things too look at harvest,on buds,not leafs,not inner calyxes :muscle:


Love how she smokes and smells,an aroma that purely makes a mouthwatering feeling at the beggining but leaves you with a desert like mouth afterwards:wink::sweat_smile: when i grind up some of it,the smell covers the whole room ,it's danky citric,sometimes limey,sometimes orangy,with lovely hints of gas ,just crazy ! the lower buds smell more earthy and the topper are more inclined to gasy,citric smell,the taste is like the smell! mouthwatering,but definetly need alot of water next to it.
The high is a powerful sometimes mind blowing experience,depends on how much you smoke and from what,i prefer joints ,good ol' J ,so i've been looking for like 20 minutes around my room but when i realised what i was looking for was the remote to the tv i was a bit shocked,this has never happened to me before :sweat_smile: i've got the exact similar happenings from 2 friends of mine which i've gifted a bit of The Doc ,you can deeply focus on it,do stuff,but i do not advise to plan on working,doing hardcore activities,the high is long lasting and you will often be blown away and fall asleep from smoking too much,or be high as a kite with a dry mouth all day:smile: but it all depends on how much you smoke,anyways one simple word can describe this strain

DIVINE,why? honestly it's a gift from God,it's one of those rare strains which connects with you and makes you function better after experiencing it,anyone who growed this strain knows what im talking about!

got 156 dry without actualy having a chance to put the first cola colected on the scaler so i put an extra 10 g for the first harvested cola


1 month ago
munchies Master
Royal Bluematic
Growing it
***What can i say ? a beauty of a plant and i feel bad for doubting the genetics i grew for years and years until now,will keep growing my favorite strains from RQS as i love them ! i had some hiccups which made me feel maybe upset a bit...but it happens to everyone !

***She had 93 days when she was chopped ,was easy to grow,good for any grower,resistan to diseases or bugs,was a joy to grow ! as for's really hard to describe,it's like a journey of wellnes and aroma ,flowery and citric,does seem to be pinapple hints thou ..I was wanting to have a pure pineapple aroma/taste,DEFINETLY will come back to this strain everytime from now on ,
***Had found a bud worm on her which i think did not poop so much ,i removed the bud on which he was dwelling and checked all my buds,bud off one day before for a sample of her goodienes ,went and inspected the trichomes and decided its time to chop her down,lots of amers,milky and some clear here and there,it will be a narcotic blast ! ,adding numbers and outcomes as soon as they are ready to be put up,will add pictures later on as they are ready:innocent:

Bud wet weight -212g total(201g what was harvested today ,11 from 2 nugs which i got off )
Trims wet


branches/stems-60(will upload tmr pics)

It was a blast trimming this girl,lots of stickines around the buds,got some hash trim at the end and i enjoyed this whole process,they were washed and looking clean as they can look now ,hanging upside down the old fashioned way,waiting at 19celsius,43%humid for the next 7-10 days,hope i can finish this and end up with dry bud pics and all that,plus a smoke report !

********REMEMBER GUYS,ALWAYS WASH YOUR BUDS,LIKE YOU DO TO YOUR VEGGIES AND FRUITS,started only for like about 1 year to wash my cannabis and it was one of the best decissions ever ! wash one time your buds and you will be really stunned of what comes out of them ,thank you for taking the time to read trough all this :muscle:

********Thank you ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS ! Thank you GREEN BUZZ LIQUIDS for sponsoring this awesome outdoor grow ! it was a blast this year ! never had like so many plants and next year i stick with royal queen seeds ! *****

***********With this girl i can officialy celebrate 1 year of growdiaries ! wohoo ! an awesome comunity with some awesome tutorials,diaries,giveaways and a perfect way to document your grow ! *************

Munchies out ! well i got 51 G dried of dense amazing sticky nugs,still curing as they are ungrindable at the moment,will come back after i smoke a joint or two with a proper review,maybe bong session,cheers!

the end product was simply amazing,perfect for night time and sleeping ,guess the CBN was high as fuck,so i got a narcotic like weed and i simply love it ,rock like buds,sticky,a nice danky smell to them and the taste simply wants you to smoke more n more ,top shelf in my opinion ! next year defintely going to grow 5 of theese girls ,thank you royal queen seeds ! thank you james!
4 months ago
munchies Master
Diesel Automatic
Growing it
harvested on day 80 ! amazing strain to grow ,no wonder its on top 2 bets automatic flowers to grow,data sheet says 110g/1plant outdoor(around that + - 20g)

*main stem(choped as few of the branches as possible) - 56g

*fan leafs

*buds wet

**total =337g wet plant


-rock solid buds

-perfect smell ,citric,gassy,soury,almost makes your mouth curl in:)) i dont know the exact term

-stays true to data sheet

-takes LST without a problem,i can say she loves it

-resistant to bugs and diseases



-eats alot

Will update more after she will dry up,im so excited about her ! THANK YOU ZAMNEZIA ! you are blessing us with purfect strains ,definetly growing 5-10 girls next year from this strain !

Now i know which seedbanks or strains to avoid from now on,totaly this year i had 38 flowers at my other location and 10 here at my place,some of them hermied out and fucked up my plants,even on this diesel auto i got seeds,but im happy they are good for next year plus they have a good mother :innocent:

anyway i love some of the seedbanks telling me i don't know how to grow :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
4 months ago

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