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8 months
9 hours ago
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Barney's Farm

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Nebula420 Master
Gorilla Girl
Growing it
In the beginning I want to say many thanks to Sweet_Seeds, nice genetics. This is my 2 Gorilla Girl grow, for the first time I lost plants due to stormy weather xD=) and Sweet Seeds themselves offered, and sent me new pack Gorilla Girl, Thanks.:kissing_heart:

I really love to grow this amazing strain, grows very easily, suitable for beginners.

Just monitor humidity so as not to rise more than 60%.
The smell is not too strong, u didn't need a filter. The smell is very pleasant, it smells like citrus, melon, earthy and sandalwood.
Gorilla Girl high yielder strain, have a compact and frost buds, very beautiful plant, delicious and frosty strain.
I decided to harvest 1-2 weeks earlier, because I tested, and I really love the effect, I'm afraid if hold will be more indica xD=)

Smoke: This is a perfect 50/50% sativa/indica hybrid, all the best from sativa/indica.It's a perfect strain for me, this is what I was looking for, this is my favorite LOVE! Suitable for smoking at any time of the day, Of course, if you smoke no more than 100 mg, if smoking more will be hard indica stone effects. Be careful very strong strain, definitely 20% THC.
Gorilla Girl is fantastic pain relief, and relieves everything from insomnia to muscle spasms.The body high is all encompassing but not sedating and the head high is buzzing but not anxiety-provoking.Definitely euphoric, happy, talkative, tingly, uplifted - This is one of my favorites!I HighLy recommend this amazing strain to All my canna-Friends! Pease?:kissing_heart:

Harvest Songs: Haddaway - What Is Love, thanks to SpinnerGrow for the idea xD=):kissing_heart:

Thanks to growdiaries team for nice Canna social network. Thank to everyone who follow my grow report, NugWitch, Tonino, Tazard, and others, love u all, Peace!:innocent:
2 days ago
Nebula420 Master
Honey Peach Auto CBD
Growing it
I realy love Honey Peach, very strong tasty amazing smell of sweet peach, and french women's perfume.

Easy, fast grow plant, high-yielding, I got 41 grams because use 2 gal pot, I think that Honey Peach Auto can give 3-4 times more yield than mine, since I gave a minimum fertilizer, as i want to use in cooking. Very frosty buds for CBD strain.

Smoke: This strain is better to smoke at night, because you want to sleep, very good medical strain, great help from headache, excellent antidepressant and anti-stress, helps from insomnia, the taste is very sweet, and fruity. Decided to use Honey Peach for cooking xD=) Honey Peach great medicine for my grandmother xD=)) It helps her a lot, there are no side effects and psychedelic effects, only happiness xD=)

Who wants fast, high-yielder CBD strain I advise to try Honey Peach Auto CBD.
Thanks to everyone who follow my grow report, and Sweet Seeds for nice genetics. love u all, Peace!

Harvest Songs:The Lennon Sisters - My Favorite Things.:kissing_heart:
2 days ago
Nebula420 Master
Ayahuasca Purple
Growing it
In the beginning I want to say many thanks to Barney's Farm, and Growdiaries team for amazing canna social network.:heart_eyes:

I love sativa more, but love Ayahuasca Purple too xD=) Very easy strain for grow, suitable for beginners.
Ayahuasca Purple have a amazing smell and taste, so sweet, nuts and earthy, very tasty. I got green pheno, not purple, color doesn't matter, quality at height, I have 3 seeds more, I will try to grow again, maybe I'll get purple.

Smoke: Very cool indica, better to smoke at night, very relaxing strain, suitable for watching movies. Ayahuasca Purple have a nice anti-stress effect, as you smoke immediately a smile appears on your face, immediately start to remember good memories from childhood, feeling of comfort and warmth, all problems go away, you understand that all problems can be easily solved, start to appreciate every moment of life, nice antidepressant effect))) Omg this strain makes me a pacifist xD=))) Also good for meditation too. I give 9, because
I am a sativa fa. I advise everyone who loves indica.

Thank to everyone who follow my grow report, love u all, Peace!:kissing_heart:
1 week ago