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Rwein93 Apprentice
Blue Cheese Automatic
Growing it
Hi guys and welcome back to my profile.
Here we are! This race is also over and I'm quite satisfied with the final product, although I could have done better!

When she came to me, she was really in a bad way, but with the right care she returned on the right path.

After she got back in shape, the growth was constant. Both the individual buds and the colas are heavily greased, until the branches are out of balance.
Although well structured, buds do not seem very compact.

The color is dark green (perhaps due to the presence of many leaves during the treatment phase). The trichomes are so big that they could almost be seen with the naked eye (in fact I managed to focus them with the phone).

The smell is incredible! when I open the jar, it really fills the room with an excellent fragrance of berries and, light but pungent notes of Gorgonzola.

The taste is different instead.
The fruit dessert prevails and is combined with a strong earthy / grassy flavor

Smoking is good.
it goes down well, but after finishing it it left my throat a little sore.

Finally the high! very very good! The first thing that comes to mind is ... Relax!
Relieves the nerves and clams the mind. Great for Call of duty sessions! But the thing we like most is the lack of negative effects.

In conclusion! I think it is an excellent plant, but I also think I have compromised the hearvest a bit because I trimmed her a little / badly and the presence of all those leaves ruined the treatment in the jars.
I will certainly try to regrow it to give my best.
5 months ago
Rwein93 Apprentice
Diesel Automatic
Growing it
Hi guys and welcome back !!!
The harvest day has also arrived for Diesel!
Sorry for the wait but I waited to savor her well after 3 months of treatment.

What can I say except that this classic strain remains among my favorites! Whether for taste or for high!

I cut plant 1 on day 75, while plant 2 was ready already on day 67 and after 7 days of drying, each one is ready.

The growth of the girls was fantastic!
Plant 1 is a fucking beast, about 115 cm tall and really massive I had to tie the branches together because they collapsed on themselves from the weight of the colas.
Plant 2, on the other hand, remained smaller than its sister, about 70 cm but the structure was really solid and symmetrical. Wonderfull !!!

The smell is fantastic! strong diesel notes meet citrus fruit.
But I don't recommend it to people who live in apartments! It is so loud that neighbors knocked on my door

Smoking is excellent. Smooth in the throat and totally reflects the smells it gives off. Very good.

The high is strong, very strong. Crystalline buds give you an almost sativa charge, very active and happy and long lasting.
In short, an excellent day smoke but that also takes away stress after a long day at work.

This strain is magnificent! I will certainly grow it again and again. I highly recommend growing it, but be careful of the smell!
5 months ago
Rwein93 Apprentice
Gorilla Glue Auto
Growing it
Welcome back guys! The day of harvest has finally arrived! The buds are crunchy and ready to smoke.

I cut the plants on day 79, I applied all the main branches, while the compact but isolated buds I placed on an oven grate to make it breathe on both sides and finally I put the pruning clippings along with the popcorn buds, in a pre-punched cardboard box

After 8 days of drying all the buds were ready for treatment.

And after another 10 days for me the endless Gorilla is ready !!!
The buds are beautiful, crunchy and fragrant, the main colas have remained compact and hard, while the lower ones are more expensive.
The color is a nice bright green and the trichomes, if illuminated with a light, shine very much.

The smell is incredible and explodes when it is chopped, the smell is sweet but with strong notes of fresh pine resin and a slight hint of diesel.

The smoke is smooth! It slips well in the mouth and does not so much oppress the lungs
In the mouth, the taste becomes even sweeter with citarate notes, like sour, and leaves in the mouth an excellent aftertaste, very fruity (which reminds me of white grapes)

The high is powerful and long lasting, after just three pitches you immediately feel it rise to the eyes.
It is well balanced in my opinion, if smoked at home it transports you to a state of complete relaxation, while if you smoke outside it is intoxicating and leaves you almost active for the day, great !!!

I was really impressed with this variety! Even if I did something wrong, the end result stunned me, maybe because it's my first time and I'm excited to enjoy the fruits of my work.

I want to thank everyone who followed and helped me in this growth, your help is always very important.
Special thanks to the @Fast_Buds team for creating such magnificent genetics.
The Gorilla Glue is very good and beautiful, I recommend it to every grower and I look forward to trying the other fantastic strains of this great seeds bank.
Thanks a lot @Fast_Buds
1 year ago

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