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5 years ago
For myself I would prefer to have the choice - I have a 40 hour a week job on top of growing and if I had to formulate a post for each strain I ran I would have more 8-9 journals per run. Consider that I spend roughly 30-60 minutes preparing my journal entries, selecting photos, gathering the recipes I used for my teas, composing content that is easy to read and hopefully understandable/engaging. So where last run period I had 4 Journals, totaling roughly 3 hours of work per week on average, I would have had 9 journals for roughly 5 hours of work per week. It may very well be less but I do try to provide quality posts. Partly I use this website as a way to keep track of and store my grows for my own personal use, and I also make grow reports for breeders I am working with. In the case of writing detailed journals for the breeders, I tend to keep toward single strain journals, however with my big run, in which I am mostly running without contract and simply growing for enjoyment and to keep my local dispensaries covered, I prefer the multi strain journals because I can spend much less time with posting. If this was the case I would most likely only do my single strain journals. This is fine if the aim of the website is purely for the readers and viewers of the content, but I do think that a good deal of the usefulness of this site is its utility for me as the grower. Cream rises to the top, so if you have disorganized, non-informative multi strain journals, it wont get likes. If it is well maintained, with detailed information about each strain contained within each week that is necessary, then I dont see a problem with multi strain threads. In response to the Multi-Strain posts drawing more likes and throwing off the monthly winners. My single strain journals all have more likes than my multi-strain journal. People with vote with their likes and it is likes that win those contests. My opinion is of course biased because I am a utilitarian and mostly do these journals to track my own methods for future use. Hope this view point was helpful.