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Tangloa Newbie
Stilton Special
Growing it
(Sour Livers F3 x Northern Cheese Haze F3)—2 plants

Description from Mepshisto:

””Stilton grows well from the off, and develops into a stout but branchy specimine that leads to a fine yield of awesome flowers. She's not too stretchy but also is sizeable enough with good growth, to train and shape to your liking. Flowers develop pretty fast and grow to a good size, it may to advised to clear out some undergrowth and if needs be a very gentle defoliation mid-way through the grow, although leaf tucking may suffice well enough. The end product is of top shelf quality and she doesn't lack in yield either.Give your garden, nose, and body a treat and be sure to indulge in a slice of Stilton this year, You won't regret it. “”

What an amazing strain to grow, it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be! The plant started growing out really well in the first 2 weeks. I read after that I should not be transplanting autos, but I got so swamped at University and forgot. I ended up transplanting them as they were in red solo cups and I felt that they did not become stunted like so many say. The plant grew with a little training/ bending and weaving. I use 5gallon fabric ‘Smart Pots’ and the soil mix I used was 1/4 old super soil (from my super hot Carolina reaper cross) with 1/4 new super soil, and 1/2 of new coco. I added beneficial microbes in the form of Tribius, and in began using this on my peppers and tomatoes I am genetically working in school. I decided to use this on the two girls, as it is supposed to increase yield, terpenes and flavors. The two girls grew relative well with me being able to ‘train’ them. To do this I used green Velcro tape that allowed me to wrap around a plan stem and attach it to the fabric pot.

This is my first time trying these methods, and I believe I have a lot of room for improvement!

The flowers she produces are highly aromatic and glistens with trichomes. They have an intoxicating scent of pungent foot-smelling cheese followed by black coffee notes and a sweet blueberry note on the finish. The terpenes are potent, and there is a lot of resin on her fans leaves and stems making them sparkle like Christmas lights. The flowers are very compact and dense, and coated in trichomes! My friend just bought a trim bin for himself, and he let me borrow it for this harvest. I was super amazed with the amount of kief/ trichomes that were collected at the end of trimming the 2 plants. 10 grams of 150 micron sifted hash. Super amazing strain with a very unique taste. flavour and aroma, will need to find more of these limited edition beans before they are gone forever!
6 months ago