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Dutch Passion
Aurora Innovations (Roots Organics)

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Himalaya Gold
Growing it
Himalaya Gold by Greenhouse Seed Co. was a breeze to grow. I had 2 different phenos. Himalaya Gold #1 was harvested 10/3 I harvested a solid lb plus a couple oz of larf from her. Himalaya Gold #2 went a little later and I harvested her on 10/15. This was by far my best yielding plant of the season netting me 666 g of nice buds and 1.25 lb of larf to make some bubble with! The flavor of Himalaya Gold #2 is lemon with a pronounced chocolate funk it smokes great and has an uplifting stone that keeps me productive.

Himalaya Gold #1 has a more berry flavor with the same funky after taste.
11 months ago
Pamir Gold
Growing it
Pamir Gold was an amazing plant to grow. she grew strong in the arid desert at 6900 feet. Long hot days, cold windy nights with very little humidity.
Averaging around 20 percent.

very good mold resistance. We had a nice monsoon season towards the middle to end of flower with some long three day rains, with no sign of mold or bud rot.
the disease resistance was great. as i had no real problems with this grow.

overall got a 1lb off each plant, grown in 25 gallon pots using organic living soil

I harvested both when the trichomes where about 10-15% amber and when at least 75% of the hairs had turned orange.
This is a great daytime smoke! I smoke a joint and next thing you know I've been chopping firewood for 2 hours.
it is uplifting and helps me get shit done throughout the day.
When smoking it at night and watching a movie it makes me giggly but does not put me to sleep.
The taste is unique. in a joint it has an almost fruity first taste and the rip finishes almost peppery.

tastes so good with some hash and a little tobacco in a spliff.
12 months ago
Auto Critical Orange Punch
Growing it
good for anytime of day. pretty stony and giggly

has strong orange aroma and mouthwatering oj taste .
1 year ago

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