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9 months
4 months ago
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weed_gastro Newbie
Blue Mammoth Auto
Growing it
Hey fellow growers:p so, these ladies are my first grow.
I got them at a headshop in the Netherlands.
I didn't have money yet for a normal tent, or reflectors, so I think this seriously set back the yield, but I did my best :)
I used 2x 125W 'Pro Star CFL AGRO', and they did a nice job I think :)
, and I used 5L fabric pots, and filled them with soil-coco-perlite mix, each with a different ratio.
The one with the most soil got to be the smallest, and the one with the most coco got to be the most beautiful :)
I planted them on February the 5th, it took them 5 days to get out and see the lights:p
After the 3rd/4th node I started light LST on them, worked out pretty well.
Please take into consideration that I got only 95cm height, but I needed to install the lights here also. The plants got approx. 45 cm high, and they were pretty bushy at the end :P
I only took max. 5 leaves per plant, I didn't want to shock them.
I only used a little Vertafort grow and bloom tablets, and PH stabilizer, but in the last 2 weeks of course plain water:)
I tried and smoked a bottom nug, it was smooth and fruity, can't imagine how its gonna taste after 2 weeks of curing :P
on the first 2 days of drying, I literally felt pine smell, like it was Christmas. It really was good to sleep and wake up to this smell :)
I harvested them on the 11th of May, and after 5 days of drying I put them in jars.(May 19th)
I got 48g from the 3 plants, quite happy with it!
maybe I could have done more trimming at the end, but every sugar leaf is covered in trichomes:P
Thanks for reading! Peace :)
7 months ago