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17 Best Jobs That Don’t Conduct Drug Tests

Added 13 September 2022

The last thing you want when looking for a job is a drug test. 

You don’t want to lose your dream job or a splendid opportunity because you consumed cannabis during a party when your friends were having fun. 

It’s even worse if you consume cannabis for medicinal purposes and it shows up on a test. 

Not to mention how difficult it is to explain why you failed your drug tests to the corporate — they hardly ever listen.

And what’s more, many people also consider drug tests a violation of privacy

But when cannabis was decriminalized and/or legalized, many new job-seekers expected their job hunt to get easier concerning drug tests. And while many companies like Apple and Google have stopped drug tests, many other employers still stand by it. 

Fortunately, not all industries are alike. Some industries are working on easing the procedures while some have already phased out cannabis drug tests. If you are looking for a job or want to start your career, here are a few jobs that you can apply for without worrying about failing cannabis drug tests — because these jobs don’t require drug tests. 

So, read on to know everything about the 17 best jobs that don’t conduct drug tests. 

About Drug Tests 

hair follicle test

What exactly are drug tests and why do they happen? The short answer is that drug tests are a common practice around the world, where employers test their employees and potential employees to check if they have been using illegal drugs that can hamper their performance while working.

While this practice of drug tests applies well to some professions — truck drivers or those that operate heavy machinery shouldn’t be using any intoxicating substances while working — it's not mandatory for every profession. In their defense, employers want to filter out those that are addicted to harmful drugs to keep their workplace productive and safe. 

Of course, hard drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroin are a problem for every employer but many companies treat cannabis unfairly even if it's legal in their state. This is because several employers still recognize cannabis as a Schedule I drug, like cocaine or heroin. But that’s no longer the case legally in many countries. 

Some of the industries that do drug tests include those with safety sensitivities, like defense, healthcare, law enforcement, and transport — most of such industries are even legally required to do a drug test. And other industries, like education, medical care, and competitive sports drug test maintain a public perception of themselves. 

But many employers don’t drug test at all, for various reasons. Most of it lies in the legalization and discrimination and increased awareness regarding the use of cannabis. Some common types of drug tests include hair follicle tests, urine tests, saliva tests, and blood tests. 

Many organizations have also phased out drug tests due to other reasons, one of them being that drug tests are expensive and the positive numbers are fairly low when they test. Plus, they have realized that a person failing a drug test does not necessarily mean they are a bad employee or will work under influence. And some workspaces have also realized that drug tests are a breach of privacy and should be phased out.

So, if you are a regular cannabis user, whether recreationally or medically, you can find jobs that don’t drug test easily. To help you get started, here are some of the best jobs that won’t test for cannabis.

Best Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

jobs that dont conduct drug tests

The world is changing, and with that, many employers are also changing. And some already were ahead of the curve when it comes to drug testing. And here are a few jobs in such industries.

1. Retail Associates

This is a good starting point for many freshers as this helps you get your foot through the career door and understand what a job feels like. As a retail associate, you can work at grocery stores, shops, or malls, where your responsibilities include billing the products, managing inventory, maintaining the store, and other maintenance tasks. 

In this industry, very few companies drug test their employees since this is a particularly fresher-friendly job that does not have a lot of safety or sensitive aspects. Some of the biggest companies like Whole Foods, Target, and Petsmart don’t do drug tests at all. 

2. Dog Walker

Dog walking can not only be a ten-minute walk with your dog in the evening — it can be a full-time job, and so can pet sitting. If you love pets and want to spend more time with them while earning good money, you can become a dog walker.

Essentially, as a dog walker, you have to walk a few days per day for clients, and as a pet sitter, you have to take care of the dogs or cats. This is an excellent opportunity if you can understand pets and want to be more involved in the community.

Do remember that if you want to get clients for this profession, you have to stick to a specific location, gain some experience, and network as much as you can. Drug tests are very rare. 

3. Dog Trainer

If you love dogs and know them well enough, you can take it a step further and become a dog trainer. This is an important role where you have to teach dogs (and sometimes rehabilitate them) with multiple training sessions so the dogs can understand basic and advanced commands. 

Sure, you will require some formal experience and a lot of training because your job shapes the dog’s life ahead and how they interact with their owners. But this is a self-employed job, so you can start getting clients once you have enough experience and never worry about drug tests. 

4. Photographer

We are talking about photographers that work as freelancers. Typically, you would have to take on new clients to shoot their events, products, family, and a lot more. This is a terrific opportunity if you have an eye for aesthetics and know your way around a professional camera.

And the best thing is that once you have a good experience, you can earn good money out of this job!

5. Personal Trainer

Now, if you are into working out and achieving your body’s peak performance, you can help others do the same by becoming a personal trainer. In this job, you have to accompany your clients during their workout sessions and help them train in a better, more efficient way. 

Most personal trainers work with gyms and clubs, but experienced ones often freelance for this, and the earnings are quite good. And even the jobs at clubs and gyms rarely require drug tests.

6. Cosmetologist

This type of profession includes hair stylists, makeup artists, nail artists, and other beauty professionals. In this industry, you have to work with your clients for their regular cosmetic requirements or special occasions and you get to meet a lot of interesting people.

Sure, you would need some formal training for such jobs, but it is easy to get into. And you can either work as self-employed or for a small business — both of which don’t require drug test clearance.

7. Fashion Designer

The fashion industry is ahead of the curve in many aspects since the culture is quite open. So, jobs in the fashion industry rarely require drug tests. If you understand fashion and have the creativity to design clothes, you should seriously consider becoming a fashion designer.

You can either work on your own or work with a fashion company, which mostly never requires drug tests. And this is a terrific opportunity because this industry is quite glamorous, too.

8. Bartenders

Are you friendly, able to manage a small crowd, and most importantly, passionate about mixing drinks? Why don’t you become a bartender? This is a fun job that can pay well, but the work environment is quite fast-paced. But almost all bars and clubs that hire bartenders don’t ask for drug tests.

9. Chef

Another food service job that doesn’t come with a drug test is being a chef. Sure, it requires a lot of learning and skills, and it is a fast-paced job, but if you play your cards right, you can land a chef’s job in a great restaurant without ever needing a drug test. Drug tests in this industry are quite rare.

10. Server

Yet another food service job that will not require a drug test. And this job is best suited for those who want to get into the hospitality industry or want to earn some money while working another job or studying.  

11. Journalist

Journalism is a terrific industry to get into because not only do you get to work at the grassroots level of society but you can also make a difference in the world with the stories you capture. This industry is not known for drug tests, especially in smaller organizations, but some big companies do require drug tests for employees.

12. Florist

It’s crazy to think that those cutting and selling flowers should not enjoy perhaps the best flowers (read: cannabis). Most of the flower industry thinks likewise, which is why drug tests are uncommon if you want to become a florist. 

13. Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you have to help your clients find properties to buy or rent or help them sell their properties. Now, this job is not as simple as it sounds — it requires a fair bit of research, an understanding of the market, and all the legal paperwork that goes with dealing in properties.

And this is perhaps the highest-paying job on this list!

So, with some experience, you can start working as an independent real estate agent and never have to worry about drug tests. And even if you work with a real estate company, drug tests are still rare. 

14. Audio Recording Engineer

This job requires a specific skill set, and if you have those, you can become an audio recording engineer working either as a contractor for the entertainment industry or as an employee for a production house. And since this is a creative job, drug tests are uncommon in the industry.

15. Content Writer

Do you have a way with words? Excellent! Content writing is something you should look into. As a content writer, you will never likely receive a request for a drug test, given the job’s status as being quite chill. Plus, you can either work as a freelancer or at an organization — both tend to pay well.

Plus, this and the following jobs can be completely remote. Let alone a drug test, if you find the right opportunity, you also won’t have to go to an office for work!

16. Graphic Designer

The work-life of a graphic designer is quite similar to a writer, except in this case, they create artworks and illustrations, not written content. Otherwise, both work in the same industry, usually with each other, so, you can also become a graphic designer without having to worry about drug tests.

17. IT Jobs

Another very lucrative industry that does not care about drug tests is the IT industry. Here, you can work as an IT consultant, web developer, app developer, video game designer, or programmer. 

The jobs are varied but you can find something that suits your skillset easily. Although you may require some networking to get good gigs, you don’t have to worry about pay, work culture, and drug tests.

Companies That Don’t Conduct Drug Tests

Companies That Don’t Conduct Drug Tests

The jobs listed above usually never require you to drug test, but there are always a few exceptional cases. But, you can find companies that don’t do drug tests at all for any of their employees — this is the safest bet. 

Here are a few popular companies that don’t require drug tests:

  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Gap
  • Petsmart
  • Whole Foods

But these are not the only companies that have outed drug tests. You can find many other companies — including smaller ones — in all industries that don’t drug test their employees. Here are a few ways to do the same:

1. Read through the JD

Usually, if a job requires drug tests, the employers mention the same in the job description itself on the job portal. 

2. Or just ask them

If they have not mentioned anything about drug tests but you still aren’t sure about it, you can just ask them. The HR department of the company will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the job, but we recommend asking a few decoy questions to avoid looking suspicious. 

3. Look up the company on the internet

On websites like Glassdoor, you can easily search for companies and their work culture. Not only will you get to know if they require drug tests but also get an insight into the company and know whether it is a good working place or not, thanks to employee reviews.

4. Know the industry

Lastly, know your industry. Jobs with potential hazards or risks, or those that deal with sensitive information, require drug tests — that is a standard procedure for the company. So, you can’t expect to find a job in such industries without drug tests. More on this is below.

Industries That Conduct Drug Tests

Industries That Conduct Drug Tests

As mentioned earlier, jobs that are physical with risks or deal with sensitive information more often than not require drug tests. This is to not only ensure the safety of you and the customers but also avoid liability on part of the employers. And this is a standard procedure for such industries.

For example, most healthcare organizations in Texas test their employees for even tobacco use. The reason is that healthcare professionals who don’t use tobacco have a healthier lifestyle and become better role models for their patients. 

Such jobs usually belong to the industries such as defense, government, healthcare, schools, social services, etc. 

So, if you are applying for a job in such industries, expect a drug test by default. And if you fail the drug test, you will not be considered for the position in most cases. However, if you have been prescribed any medication that showed up as a drug in the drug test, you can challenge the result with a doctor’s note to back you up. 

Also, not all employers are so strict with drug tests. Some still give you a chance to explain your side of the story. Maybe you ate some brownies accidentally. If the test readings match your story, they may consider you for the job. 

An employer allowing you to explain your side of the story is a good thing. This shows that the workplace is open and communicative, which is always a plus point whenever you are looking for a job. Avoid jobs that don't involve any transparency with the employees.

Saying No to Drug Tests

Of course, drug tests are not mandatory in most cases and you can say no to the drug test. As mentioned before, it is a breach of privacy. But remember, it may cost you the job if you say no. 

However, some countries have well-laid-out regulations regarding drug tests that can protect you if you say no to drug tests. For instance, the employer may be required by law to only carry out drug tests at a pre-approved lab, test every employee equally, and not discriminate against any employee while respecting their right to privacy. 

Join the Cannabis Industry

Join the cannabis industry

Imagine if car engineers were tested for having a driver’s license and not allowed to drive cars. That is what would happen if the cannabis industry started testing its employees for cannabis consumption. 

So, if you are looking for a job that won’t drug test you for cannabis use, what better industry than the cannabis industry itself? The community is progressive and open and understands the nature of cannabis and its place in society. 

Here are a few jobs that you can check out in the cannabis industry:

1. Budtender

Budtender is like a bartender — you stand behind the counter and help your customers find the right cannabis product. Of course, you need to have a thorough understanding of cannabis products and a friendly personality. And this is a fresher-friendly job.

Plus, as a budtender, you never have to worry about drug tests because, as part of the job, you have to sample the cannabis products that you are selling. 

2. Master Grower

On the other hand, the master grower job is a more behind-the-scenes kind of job where you have to oversee the growing operation. You not only need to know the ins and outs of growing cannabis but also need excellent management skills. 

And this job requires no drug tests. You are the one growing cannabis, why would anyone drug test you for cannabis?

Of course, these are just two of the jobs in the cannabis industry, but there are many more jobs in the industry. In fact, a few of the jobs listed above are also present in the industry, such as:

  • Graphic designer
  • Writer
  • Programmer
  • Web developer
  • Chef 
  • Photographer
  • Retail associates, and many more

And except for a few specific jobs, the cannabis industry never requires a drug test. Oh and, the cannabis industry is also one of the most progressive, open, and fast-growing industries. A job in this industry will never go wrong, and we are not boasting. 

Summary: 17 Best Jobs That Don’t Conduct Drug Tests

Drug tests for cannabis are a thing of the past in most industries, except those that involve a sensitive nature of work or work hazards. So, if you are a regular user of cannabis for any reason, you can still find lucrative jobs that fit your skill set and career goals.

Remember, you need to be realistic when looking for a job. While you have the right to privacy and the right job will not ask you for drug tests, do not expect the same treatment if you are in some specific industries like defense, government, and healthcare. 

However, look out for jobs in the following industries:

  • Creativity
  • Entertainment
  • IT sector
  • Self-employed jobs
  • Culinary and food service

And you can always search on the internet to see if the company you have applied for requires a drug test or not. And try to apply for companies that don’t drug test their employees or potential employees for cannabis. It’s that easy.

And stay tuned to know more about the place of cannabis in our current world, along with various tips on growing cannabis. Who knows, maybe you will end up working alongside us in the cannabis industry.