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Howdy Growers!

Finally we are ready to tell you about all the background work we’ve been doing to make GrowDiaries a place where you can Grow, Share and Learn one click away! As you can clearly see, our web looks slightly different now and also there are some major improvements in the way it works, made especially for you! 


• New intuitive landing page

• Diary of the Month

• Wee what's trending right now

• Grow Score

• One place for all commentaries

• Filter comments by week

• Nutrients & Breeders

We have introduced the Grow Score. What is that? 

Well basically it is a reflection of how good you’ve been filling and following your grow report, from the beginning through all the weeks, up until harvest! Better you fill the information, more information you give to us and to the Grower community, bigger are your Grow Score. This Grow Score is an interesting asset you may want to pay attention to because, for example, to get rewarded with in the Diary of the Month, we’ve been talking about it in our previous blog entry, your Grow Report should have at least 3.0 Grow Score.



Besides the Grow Score we also changed the way we see commentaries. 

From now on, we will see all commentaries, for all weeks, despite the week you are in. You can still filter the comments by weeks, or you always can see what week the comment was for. 

We constantly keep updating our Breeders and our Nutrients pages, just to offer you all freedom of showing how exactly you grow, what nutes you use and of course the strains you put in the pot! As always, we are open to suggestions that you may send us by email at info (at) or by accessing the Send Message button down below the landing page. We will keep improving GrowDiaries so you feel like at home or in your Grow Room!

Good luck growing and keep up the good work! 

Let’s talk soon!




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Love how this site is growing and evolving.
Thank you sir!