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1 year ago

Woo, Family! TEN Growers are getting amazing prizes by Female Seeds this month! September with Ministry of Cannabis and Big Plant Science!

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2 years ago


Our January Diary of the Month just rolled up the Voting and we are more than happy to present you the winners of the first Diary of the Month in 2017! Congrats to all of the growers that made it to the 10 best diaries and to everybody else that harvested this month but will probably enter the new Diary of the Month that started on Grow Diaries! Here are 10 MOST VOTED Diaries that will be awarded big time by DINAFEM this month!

2 years ago


Our December Xmass Special Diary of the Month just ended and please give it up for the Winners!  Here are 10 BEST Diaries! Congratulations to all the Winners and Happy Holidays to you all!

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2 years ago


Our November Diary of the Month just ended and please give a round of applause to the Winners! Here are the best 10 November diaries that will get 100$ worth of seeds from Dutch Passion company! Congrats everybody!

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2 years ago

Dear Growers

Due to extremely suspicious and concertized activity on 1 of the entries in the Diary of the Month November, the following diary will be DISQUALIFIED from the contest.

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2 years ago

Dear Growers!

Please give a round of applause to the October Diary of the Month Winners! Here are the 10 most popular October diaries! Congratulations to all growers and their grow diaries! Well deserved!

2 years ago

Hello Growers!

Changes and updates to our fast-growing community

First, allow me to remind you about the Diary of the Month, which is an ongoing monthly contest, between the best grow reports amongst the best, where 10 of them will be awarded by our sponsor. You still have a month left till the most popular...

2 years ago

Howdy Growers!

Finally we are ready to tell you about all the background work we’ve been doing to make GrowDiaries a place where you can Grow, Share and Learn one click away! As you can clearly see, our web looks slightly different now and also there are some major improvements in the way it works, made especially for you!

2 years ago

Hello there Growers! 

It has been a while since we all started doing what we most love: Growing, Sharing and Learning, together, as it should be! Thanks to you Growers, today GrowDiaries is becoming an important place of networking and experience sharing among all the professionals and enthusiasts of the Cannabis world! Today we are happy to announce a few major and important updates to our community that may come very handy to all of us! First thing First...

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