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Hello lovely growers!

We are back again with an interview. This time, we spoke to none other than @WisdomCulture420 a grandmaster at growing cannabis. He was kind enough to talk to us and share his secrets and fun stories as well. 

If you've ever wondered how experts grew cannabis at home, check out these interviews to get a sense. 

We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we did!

Thank you @WisdomCulture420 for being so kind! We really appreciate it!


The only advice I can give you is to create and use your plant to the maximum of its capacity because cannabis has many advantages and is not just a flower to consume.

The plants can be used 100% as Jack Herer said.


1. Question: Hello WisdomCulture420! We are very excited to conduct this interview today. Your profile tells us a lot about your skills. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Answer: Hello GrowDiaries, and to all growers.

It is a real pleasure to be interviewed by you guys.

I’m WisdomCulture420, from France. I have been on the GrowDairies platform for quite a while now. 

I’m a 40-year-old man. I have three children — two boys, and a girl — and I’ve been married for 13 years to the most extraordinary woman I know! I have to say I’m lucky in this regard. I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did answering the questions :)

2. Question: Why did you start cultivating cannabis?

Answer: It was becoming tough to go out and buy cannabis buds. Not only was it expensive, but the quality wasn’t top-notch either. In addition, it was a lot of risk to purchase. 

Therefore, Instead of going outdoors and taking risks to buy some, I decided to grow my own weed. I’m very happy with the decision I made 14 years ago to grow quality marijuana. Now, I share my work so others can do the same and enjoy good weed while growing it at home. 

I live in a country in which cannabis is illegal, but there’s hope because things are progressing in the right direction albeit a little slow. We’re lucky that we get CBD flowers over the counter (many countries don’t allow even that) and I feel complete legalization isn’t very far away. But when? Well, that’s the question. 

Also, Germany — our neighbor — has legalized it for a while, so we may see it happen in our country too.

super-bud-auto by WisdomCulture420

3. Question: How has cannabis helped you?

Answer: I have been growing various types of fruits and vegetables for many years. Thus, growing cannabis was natural for me. I began growing way back in 2008. As a long tong time smoker of almost 25 years, growing cannabis at home was a no-brainer for me. 

But, why do I do it, and how has cannabis helped me? Well, I grow primarily for medicinal reasons. As a victim of fibromyalgia for about 28 years, I find nothing else gives me relief as much as cannabis. In short, cannabis is a wonderful plant that has the power to heal. 

Cannabis has also helped me enjoy some light moments. I’ll never forget the day I and my friends experienced in Amsterdam. High on some classic weed plus Magic Truffles, we were guaranteed to have a blast. 

And, then, in the middle of our psychedelic trip, we found ourselves in the depths of Belgium. For reasons I don’t remember, we had parked in the middle of a beet field. Perhaps the beets appeared magical to us? I don’t know! And, out of nowhere, came a farmer. He had no way to understand our state of high. 

We stared at him, and he stared back at us. 

The staring contest went on… until one of my friends giggled. Then, it became like a massive wave as all of us roared in laughter for reasons only best known to us. And the loudest laughter? It was the farmer! He was a second away from clutching his stomach and rolling on the field. 

Later, as we were about to leave, the farmer thanked us. He said we made his day. 

I don’t know how to explain it, but that feeling of good-quality cannabis is second to none.

4. Question: Do you remember how and why you started using Growdiaries?

Answer: I started using the GrowDiaries platform almost 4 years ago. I was conducting some research to grow and I stumbled upon this cool website where many growers were posting new techniques related to cannabis cultivation. 

I also found a grower’s diary called Cheesejones very interesting. He was growing the same strains I was cultivating and it made me explore more. I remember his journal showcasing Sensi Skunk auto from our friends SensiSeeds and I haven’t looked back ever since.

5. Question: What do you love about Growdiaries?

Answer: The GrowDiaries platform is awesome. Everything is simple to understand and the concept of sharing your plant week by week from germination to growth and flowering to harvest is really great. It gives you a real idea as to how you can grow cannabis by looking at the journals. 

Even a beginner who has never grown cannabis can easily grow a plant by following the weekly steps and looking at other logs if still in doubt. If you have questions, you can ask, and if you’re doing it right, there's someone always there with a helping hand for you. I’ve noticed that many growers offer excellent advice here on GrowDiaries.

6. Question: Do you train your cannabis plants? If yes, can you describe one technique that’s easy for even beginners?

Answer: Yes I trellis my plants. Trellising is simply a cultivation optimization technique that aims to ensure maximum light to all the tops of the plant.

Trellising is the action of modifying the structure and the natural shape of a plant by attaching its stems and branches to links such as strings, for example. 

This technique allows the tops of the plant to lie down in such a way that the lower branches that don’t get much light also get more light. This way, you use the light to its maximum potential and let the plants grow well too. 

The main advantage is to cover a maximum surface without having to cut any part. For example, you need to cut the tips of the plant for Topping. It’s a great technique but it slows down the growth so I use trellising to ensure an even canopy without compromising on the speed of growth. 

I will explain how I do my trellising. 

As soon as the main stem becomes a little sturdy and no longer just a twig, I begin preparing to do trellising. I wait for at least 3-4 nodes to form so it’s not too early. You will see many lower leaf nodes developing at this point. 

To tie the branches, I advise you to make very loose knots to prevent the branch from strangling and being injured. The best method is to make loops around the stem using rope or twine thick enough so that it doesn't break into the stem!

The other side of the cords can be fixed to the ground with a stone or to other branches on the ground or directly to the pot in the case of indoor cultivation. 

You can also use wires, including classic ones or flexible or flat ones seen usually in garden centers. It doesn't hurt the plant and is waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor growing. The best part is that you can alter things according to your preference and change the shape of the plant instantly by making a slight fold.

Once the plant has laid down, the leaves and tops will quickly reorient themselves upwards in search of light. If the plant continues to grow in height, I advise you to bend it again gently until it has the desired shape: low and horizontal!

Here's a little tip folks

A technique inspired by the cultivation of Bonsai consists of moistening the trunk at the place where the fold will be in order to soften it. You can also gently twist the trunk to break the fibers a little by making it turn on itself always at the place where you intend to bend it and thus soften it even more.

The trellising is done really very gently!

When you tie and pull a branch or even the trunk, you have to be very careful and above all not pull too hard. Do not hesitate to shorten the string by a few centimeters every day. If you pull too hard, you will break the branch and it will not always repair itself.

This is how I train my cannabis plants.

There are also several pruning techniques such as topping, FIMming, lollipopping, and defoliation where you cut the lower branches.

Runtz bud by WisdomCulture420

7. Question: Are you a DIY person or do you purchase most equipment, including nutrients?

Answer: I am a handyman, but for the cultivation of cannabis, I have invested a lot to produce as many varieties as possible.

8. Question: Can you describe a few things you do (DIY) that perhaps saves money?

Answer: I don't do any DIY like many make hydroponic systems which I find super nice. However, I don't have time with three children and my work has to be done to do DIY. Thus, I leave that to the experts. So, I go out and buy whatever I need in the grow shop next to my house.

9. Question: Can you name a few growers who have inspired you here? What do you like the most about their growing style?

Answer: There was a grower named Budofpray who unfortunately left the GrowDiaries platform. It’s been almost 2 years ago now and I call him the cannabis druid. He is the one who taught me everything. I consider him my brother and mentor. 

I also appreciate the hard work of growers Silky Smooth, Mrs. Larimar, OutforReal, and many others of course who helped me visually with their grow logs.

10. Question: Is there any strain you grow in particular? Would you recommend it to beginners?

Answer: I grow several varieties and I can say that my favorite variety remains the G13 Haze from our friends Barney's Farm. But, I do not recommend it for beginners as it requires a bit of skill to grow it.

11. Question: What are your favorite strains, and why?

Answer: As mentioned already, I love growing the G13 Haze, especially the real G13, and a landrace from Afghanistan that leans towards the indica. Two phenotypes of this strain exist, the second being more sativa.

12. Question: Who are your favorite breeders?

Answer: I don't really have any favorite breeders as they all do a great job.

Runtz by WisdomCulture420

13. Question: What type of nutrients do you use to grow cannabis?

Answer: I use a lot of Trichoderma harzianum and mycorrhiza for my plants.

I work with a lot of range of nutrients like Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE in France), Biotabs, Green Buzz Nutrient, Green House Feeding, Hesi, Gen1:11, and Organics Nutrients.

14. Question: What was the latest strain you grew?

Answer: The latest strain I grew was the Red Strawberry Banana from our friend Sweetseeds

15. Question: What was the latest strain you smoked?

Answer: The last strain I smoked was Milkshake Kush from our friend Amsterdam Genetics.

16. Question: Any tips for our readers to enjoy cannabis more? Perhaps, concentrates, gummies, etc?

Answer: The only advice I can give you is to create and use your plant to the maximum of its capacity because cannabis has many advantages and is not just a flower to consume.

The plants can be used 100% as Jack Herer said.

So go ahead my friends, and create all you can with this beautiful plant. Enjoy the benefits of relaxation or getting high and 1000 times better than just a little joint rolling.

I thank GrowDiaries for this interview.

I wish you all good growth and a magnificent harvest for the future.




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