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5 months ago

¨...I'm from a little French island in the Caribbean called Martinique, a nice place to live if you love sun, music, beach and 55° alcohol like Rum.¨

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6 months ago

¨...When i was 20, I always said: "My kids will smoke weed legally."

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9 months ago

 'Fair price per gram is an honest price'

11 months ago

¨I would love to have some sort of top end (craft growers only maybe) dispensary and a fully automated hydro farm when legalization makes it here to Kentucky.¨

- Tazard

11 months ago

Grower shares his story!

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12 months ago

Interview with the amazing lady-grower!

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1 year ago

¨I first smoked weed when I was 13, in 1977. I was with a friend, and neither of us got high..¨

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1 year ago

Personal life of Tryhard. MISS_TRYHARD, who is she? 

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