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3 weeks ago

 'Fair price per gram is an honest price'

2 months ago

¨I would love to have some sort of top end (craft growers only maybe) dispensary and a fully automated hydro farm when legalization makes it here to Kentucky.¨

- Tazard

2 months ago

Grower shares his story!

3 months ago

Interview with the amazing lady-grower!

5 months ago

¨I first smoked weed when I was 13, in 1977. I was with a friend, and neither of us got high..¨

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7 months ago

Personal life of Tryhard. MISS_TRYHARD, who is she? 

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8 months ago

Interview with @Hawkbo! Little did you know..

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9 months ago

Continuing with the interviews! @biggreens420 is sharing his story! Who's next?

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1 year ago

Interview with @Bigpun!

¨...Before GrowDiaries I shut myself off from the world  because of my head injury. GD has allowed me to take baby steps back into the world and lets me communicate with people. it really means a lot...¨

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