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Top 10 Autoflower Cannabis Strains For 2021

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JoshuaHolt JoshuaHolt
Added 17 November 2020

Top 10 Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering strains have stormed the seed market over recent years. The Ruderalis genetic has given breeders the possibility to grow high yielding cannabis plants in ridiculously short periods of time. With all the wonderful new strains that now exist, finding reliable autoflowers can be a task. Look no further, as we've put together some of our top picks for the best autoflowering seeds currently being grown around the world. 

Autoflowering Strains

Gorilla Glue Auto - Fast Buds

Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto produces dense, chunky buds that are overflowing with sticky goodness. This autoflowering strain from Fast Buds delivers a wave of rich, citrusy flavours with hints of pine and diesel that will get any user drooling. Not to mention the potent, Indica high that smacks you in the face once you consume it. This one will definitely leave you feeling stuck to the sofa.

Growing Gorilla Glue is on the easier side, and is suited to beginner and expert growers alike. Under the correct conditions, this lady can produce huge yields for her size, both in indoor and outdoor situations. Gorilla Glue is described as a mold resistant strain that can handle slightly colder climates, where it may even display tones of purple.

OG Kush Auto - Dinafem

OG Kush Auto - Dinafem

OG Kush Auto is a fine piece of breeding work by Dinafem. This Indica dominant autoflowering strain remains relatively short and compact, producing a vibrant bouquet of resinous flowers loaded with delicious terpenes that can spice up any grow room. With a touch of pepper and lemon, OG Kush Auto is ideal for those that love classic Kushy flavours.

The automatic maturity of this lady means she can be ready to harvest in less than 11 weeks, meaning the cycle is still faster than your average photoperiod strain. For best results, be sure to give her plenty of light and provide enough space in the pot. With the right care the yields will speak for themselves.

Quick One - Royal Queen Seeds

This strain made it onto the list for its super short flowering cycle, and its name is describes it perfectly. Quick One by Royal Queen Seeds is ideal for those growers looking to get a fast turnover. It can be completed in under 9 weeks from seed, making it one of the quickest autoflowering strains on the market. On top of that, the yields it produces are relatively higher than one would imagine for a plant with such a short cycle.

Quick One isn't the strongest strain in the world, but it still boasts an adequate level of THC that won't go unnoticed. Expect a relaxed, stoned high with Indica style effects that are felt mostly in the body. The aromas it gives off range from citrus to fresh herbs, and result in a tasty, fruitful product.

Orange Sherbert - Fast Buds

We could not go without mentioning this Sativa dominant auto hybrid by Fast Buds. This super citrusy sherbert lady tastes like a freshly picked fruit and is ripping with fantastic orange flavour. Aside from its intense aromas, Orange Sherbert has impressive yields of 500 - 650g/m2; a great choice for production purposes. Especially as it can go from seed to harvest in under 10 weeks.

As a predominantly Sativa autoflower, she grows fairly fast and tall, expanding out as flowers develop. A big enough space is recommended for her to reach her full potential. Orange Sherbert is also suited to all levels of growing and requires low maintenance, making her an easy, all round star.

Auto Blackberry Kush - Dutch Passion

Auto Blackberry Kush

This purple queen by Dutch Passion harnesses the power of two spectacular genetics. Auto Blackberry Kush was born from a cross of the original Blueberry with Hindu Kush and the results are definitely worthy of a big bong hit. Amongst its diverse terpene profile, the buds are full of sweet, earthy undertones that sit well with the palette and will surely have you wanting to sample a little more.

Auto Blackberry Kush rarely grows over a metre tall, and is usually composed of one main cola surrounded by short, stocky branches with tight nodes. The flowers develop compact and display a wide array of colours which only add to the already impressive experience. It is hard to miss the purply magnificence of this pretty lady.

Gorilla Girl XL Auto - Sweet Seeds

Another power producer worthy of discussion is the amazing Gorilla Girl XL Auto from Sweet Seeds. Those who've dabbled in Cookies genetics will know that this cross does not disappoint. As a Sativa dominant mix of Gorilla Girl and Sweet Gelato Auto, the strain is designed for stoners with a soft spot for potent, fruity aromas.

The high is strong due to the huge 25% THC it produces, leaving users with a range of Sativa-type effects; euphoria, clear headedness, focus and an overall stimulating experience. The insane trichome production makes it great for extracts and edibles, even with just trim.

Pineapple Express Auto - Barney's Farm

Pineapple Express Auto is an autoflowering version of Pineapple Chunk, also produced by Barney's Farm. This resilient Indica auto ticks all the boxes when it comes to fast flowering genetics, delivering awesome yields packed with tropical flavour. Big buds of rich pineapple tasting weed that send you into the relaxation zone is to be expected.

When grown under the right conditions, Pineapple Express can give you decent harvests of up to 600g/m2. Impressive for such a small plant that fully matures in under 10 weeks.

Blow Mind Auto - Sweet Seeds

Blow Mind Auto - Sweet Seeds

Another super autoflowering creation by Sweet Seeds that will blow your mind. Blow Mind Auto made it to the top for providing us with very attractive flowering times, in addition to the lovely bud it produces. As a mostly Sativa strain, Blow Mind gets its characteristic mainly from its famous parent, Amnesia Haze.

The terpene profile of Blow Mind spills over with woody, fragrant aromas that compliment its lemon twist. The experience is that of a classic Sativa, but with a sufficient hint of Indica effect to keep the high balanced. A good choice for those who want speedy harvests. This lady can be harvested in under 9 weeks if she's properly looked after.

Purple Lemonade - Fast Buds

Purple Lemonade is a relatively tall autoflowering seed created by Fast Buds. Stemming from Californian genetics and reaching up to 110cm, the plant develops multiple branches that surround the main stem, giving it a bushy structure with plenty of internodal spacing for chunky nugs to develop. The flowers bloom in deep purples and give off a strong, zesty scent oozing with sweetness.

Even without training, Purple Lemonade can result in only colas of big, crystal covered buds. Yields are very satisfactory, coming in at approximately 400 - 500g/m2. THC levels are also on the higher side, sitting around 22%.

Original Auto Sour Diesel - Fast Buds

Auto Sour Diesel - Fast Buds

Sour Diesel is a classic strain that will live on for many years. It's not surprising so many growers have introduced these genetics into their breeding programme. Fast Buds have done it again and presented us with a fantastic autoflowering variety of the this famous Sativa variety, the Original Auto Sour Diesel handles harsh conditions quite well, meaning decent yields are possible even in slightly hotter or colder climates.

Original Auto Sour Diesel manages to preserve all the gassy, citrusy and peppery flavours we love about Sour Diesel. It produces a cerebral, energetic high with all the essence of a pure Sativa. You won't have to wait long to enjoy this strain and you'll be able to harvest beautiful buds in less than 10 weeks from seed.


We hope this list of top autoflowering strains has given you something new to discover. Remember, the best results come from proper care and giving your plants exactly the resources they require for the duration of their life. Autoflowering strains tend to be easier to grow than photoperiods, but they still need all the right love.

StrainSeedbankGrow CycleTHC
Gorilla Girl AutoFast Buds9 - 10 weeks24%
Quick OneRQS8 - 9 weeks13%
OG Kush AutoDinafem10 - 11 weeksHigh
Orange SherbertFast Buds9 - 10 weeks24%
Auto Blackberry KushDutch Passion10 - 11 weeksHigh
Gorilla Girl AutoSweet Seeds10 - 11 weeksHigh
Pineapple Express AutoBarney's Farm9 - 10 weeks15%
Blow Mind AutoSweet Seeds8 - 9 weeks20%
Purple LemonadeFast Buds9 - 10 weeks22%
Sour Diesel AutoFast Buds9 - 10 weeks21%

If you've got any recommendations for top autoflowering strains, why not drop a comment down below? We'd love to hear which autoflowers did and did not work for you!

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This article was updated January 2021.



this is just another miss spread info filled article ! some of the strains are there since 2016:))

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@BlackListed, I PM'd you. Yes, the new author is a ghost writer and is cranking out a lot of articles. They seem alright to me for providing basic information and grow knowledge for the more experienced growers most of this is common knowledge but it does benefit newer growers to have a source of info to refer to on GD. You can ask 10 growers the same question and get 10 different answers it's all opinionated based on their personal experience. You just have to weed through any misinformation and there is a lot of it. How about topping autos? It's a good example personally I see no need to do it yet others swear by it. Who's right? Both of us! The type of articles that would interest me personally the most would come from the breeders themselves true grow masters who are willing to share their secrets with us.


@Philindicus,Top 10 Autoflower Cannabis Strains For 2020 = TITLE,do u even see this article is written by someone with no knowledge? idk man these articles are just bonkers


@BlackListed, I'm not sure but it sounds more like the list may be based on growers ratings of these strains and how popular they are amongst growers here on GD. I do think "Top Strains" is more of personal preference than actual fact. I also think in my opinion having a GG strain and an OG strain at the top of the list is correct they are both very popular and potent. The OG strains are legendary in our world.


Hi growers!

Since I started to grow, I'm searching for a taste I encounter only 2 times in my life of smoker. 1) Purple Kush, found in Cannada. 2) Sunset Sherbet in Netherlands.
They both had a taste I would describe as "flowery / women perfum".

So I'm trying to grow strain that match that flavour I loved so much.
For now, I tried : "Blackberry" from fastbuds, and "Purple Kush" from buddha Seeds.
But the taste was not there.

I'm currently growing a "Sherbet Queen" From Royal Queen Seeds. I have a lot of expectations, but I wonder what should I try next if it doesn't have the taste I search.. ?

I believe that the taste I'm looking for involve high level of Linalool.
So, after some research, Grand Daddy Purple seems to be a good one to try!
But I can't find seeds of it :(

Please give me recommandations :pray: (Strain - breeder) if you know a good one :kissing_heart:


@occultgreen420, "that flavor you can and you can't get it"
This was what I was effraid as answer... So It mean that I can find a strain that match, but not get the lovely taste out of each seeds... Ok...
So the only solution is to clone your plant at each grow until you get the right terpene profile and can grow that plant over and over... Thanks dude, I appreciate :)


@PurpleWorship, dude, that flavor you can and you can't get it. It can be phenotype related, it can be grow environment related. For sure there are some great flavors and very interesting ones out there. Recently did Lemon Cream Kush Automatic from @spliffseeds really amazing strain. Big yield (which for some is important) but the flavor is parfumy and distinctive. Other ones that got my attention Dutch Passion Durban Poison and the Auto variety which sadly was discontinued, Shaman also from Dutch Passion and Pineapple Poison from Super Sativa Seed Club. There are lots of strains out there and each bank it's trying to increase the THC levels in them...but...really, it's not all that counts! flavor, after smoke, terpen profile are much more important.


aren't the above strains from last years? or now at the end of 2020 someone from GD decided to just put a list of autos to pretend they are hard at work? :smiling_imp: