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Trichoderma And Cannabis

Added 16 May 2021


The soil is an extremely competitive place, and microbes most commonly die by starvation. Trichoderma is by far one of the best skilled at taking up nutrients from the soil compared to other organisms and when a plant is grown to get the maximum out of the crop, in our case nice buds, there are many aspects of the growing process that you should be aware of. One of those aspects is the life in your soil, not visible to the naked eye but very important to have the right knowledge about. . Within this life in the soil, there are many types of bacteria and fungi that benefit your plants in a symbiotic way and one of the most important ones is Trichoderma Fungi, which has several properties that will benefit your roots and plants in their favor, so get ready for another piece of useful information for you to make your next grow even better!

Bacteria And Fungi

  • Bacteria : The most found and abundant microbe in the soil is bacteria. These are single-celled organisms and can be found in huge numbers in the soil, in just one handful there can be billions ( yes, with a B ). These groups of bacteria respond to changes in the soil, temperature, and substrate and in a matter of days, these populations can grow immense or decline rapidly in response to changes in their environment. Some will die almost instant when changes arrive and others will be extremely tough and can withstand massive changes, but many types of bacteria are dependent on specific plant species.
  • Fungi : These microscopic cells that are plant-like, can be single-celled or grow in long threaded structures, these threads are called hyphae and these long structured masses are called mycelium. They have a symbiotic relationship with the root system of plants and are not as dependent on specific species as most bacteria. Their population tends to grow slower than bacteria.

Both are aerobic organisms. This means that they need oxygen in order to produce energy through a mechanism called cellular respiration. Bacteria seem to contribute more to the absorption and distribution of nutrients and beneficial fungi strengthens the immune system of the plants roots and the soil.


Benefits of Trichoderma Fungi

Probably the most useful and versatile fungus that can be found in the soil and not pathogenic for any species of plant ( In biology, a pathogen is any organism that can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, or simply a germ ). There is a wide range of different Trichoderma fungi and all of them can stimulate a different aspect of a plant's growth. These are just a few of the possible benefits your plant will have with this relationship between fungi and the root system :

It works in favor of the development of the roots, which allows them to grow deeper looking for pockets of oxygen and areas that are rich in nutrients.

Increased water retention capacity of your roots, which means if your plant comes in a period of drought it will handle it better.

Because of the symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi, they will have better absorption of nutrients, this translates itself into bigger buds and a bigger harvest.

Photosynthesis will get pushed to a higher level because of the ability to produce growth hormones better.

Less, or no fertilizers will be needed because of the fungi relationship with the roots, with the right amount of carbon and oxygen present in the soil, plants will be nourished at all times.

One of the rarest compounds that are hard to find in the soil is iron. There are strains of Trichoderma that can produce specialized compounds, also called siderophores. These bind with iron and even make it unavailable for other fungi!

Useful products and tips

There are more than a few products out there on the market that contains these wonderful fungi. These can come in a few different ways of applying and here we will be going over a few of those :

  1. Biotabs : This organic fertilizer that comes in the form of tablets, uses the strength of soil organisms such as the Trichoderma fungi to boost soil organisms to convert organic material into the ideal nutrients for your plants. The way of using these is extremely simple : You simply put the tablets 5 - 10 cm deep, directly into your soil or also coco., indoors and outdoors, very useful to get a great start!
  2. Bio enhancers solid : The most common ones to be found are types to stimulate the health of lawns. In our case, we want a different type of "grass" to grow good and these pellet-shaped or powder fertilizers can come in handy when big amounts are needed or to cover a big surface without disturbing the soil itself or very handy when replanting. Just make sure to use a proper filter or respirator when using big amounts, Trichoderma is not toxic but there are people who might have an allergic reaction.
  3. Bio enhancers liquid : A complete elixir when it comes to growing more vigorous and productive plants. Liquid bio enhancers can contain rich amounts of Trichoderma fungi and other trace elements that are beneficial to your plant. Again very easy to use by just applying the right amount ( milliliter per liter ) of water to be given and can be given at almost any point when you have to water.

Here are a few examples of growers on our platform using these different types :


When it comes to organic growing, the Trichoderma fungi is one of your strongest assets and we can only advise you to use it for your own good! For a person looking to start growing in a more organic way or somebody who wants to start with nutrients and supplements, this is the right way to head down! Using this will only work to your benefit because it is a key piece in the puzzle of good soil life to get those explosive flowers on your plants! Because of years of research and growing legal cannabis industry, there are a huge amount of great products out there and many of those are very easy to use.
It is totally advisable to use this type because there are no contraindications for its use and is almost impossible to produce negative effects in any type of cultivation.

My last word of advice here is when buying products to use fully biological products and try to stick to the same company to ensure optimal plant development until the harvest is ready! Happy growing to you all!

Do you have any experience or tips about this subject? Feel free to drop a line down below in the comment section!


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This article was updated May 2021



Ditto, after recently trialling "Mykos" Trichoderma by Xtreme gardening, I will never grow without it, or a similar product, ever again. Results in organic soil were tangible and the evidence was overwhelming. Worth every cent. :sunglasses::alien::sunglasses: Cheers, Organoman.


I never grow without Mycos again. Try them its worth the Pennies:yum:


Trichoderm also handles mold perfectly, so I always add at the beginning of the cycle :point_up_2:
Thanks for the article.


I use Mikrobs Microbial Superpack, has 4 rhizos, 4 endomycos, and 3 Trichs...I start the soil with it, brew with it, and compost with it....for any organic grower the microbial life is key...Happy Growing and Good Harvesting :facepunch:


Great article. I got some soil that's naturally packed with trichoderma, the smell is amazing, the most "fertile", earthy and pungent smell you can imagine!


In my country there is something called agricultural gypsum, there is someone who knows about this and whether it is useful in the cultivation of marijuana :+1:


Nice Article, you brouhgt the Facts to the Point , short and well written
And Btw. i was surprised to see Pictures of my Grow here.
and iam using " living Organics" from @GreenBuzzLiquids