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Top 10 Outdoor Cannabis Strains for 2021

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JoshuaHolt JoshuaHolt
Added 19 September 2020

Top 10 Outdoor Cannabis Plants

Growing indoors is fun but there's nothing like having a thriving outdoor garden full of massive plants covered in big buds. Anyone who has tried it before will know that growing outdoors is cheap, easy and most of all, extremely rewarding.

Not all cannabis plants grow well outside. Cannabis has been selectively bred by the indoor growing community so many times that now we have plants that have almost outgrown the outdoors. So which strains can you grow in your back garden? This article will send you in the right direction.

Glookies - Barney's Farm

We'll start off with this mega resistant indoor/outdoor strain from Barney's Farm. Glookies is a delicious cross between Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that will have your crop looking irresistible. Plants produce both top quality bud and huge yields.

This bushy, indica dominant plant can rake in over 2kg per plant outdoors. As well as being highly resistant to most problematic fungus and rot, it is super easy to grow, making it a great choice for first time outdoor growers. This is not one to be missed.

Sensi Amnesia - Sensi Seeds

Sensi Amnesia is a 65% sativa and 35% indica. It was developed following the success of the autoflowering strain, which was introduced as part of the Sensi Seeds Research Project 2020. Its original genetics come from Hawaiian Indica, Jamaican Pearl and Afghani # 1. The plants grow to a reasonable height and have an abundant yield. They grow well in temperate or continental climates, and users experience a cerebral and stimulating high.

Cream 47 - Sweet Seeds

Next, we have a wonderful hybrid cross between AK 47 and Sweet Seeds' Cream Caramel. Cream 47 is a powerful indica/sativa plant that produces tasty crops both indoors and outdoors. Grown outside, this super producer can yield up to 750g of dense, resinous buds per plant.

Cream 47 is a strong plant and has a robust structure of thick branches for supporting massive growth. The weed is aromatically potent with an inviting earthy, sweet touch. This vigorous genetic is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in a reliable outdoor strain for your next grow.

Atomical Haze - Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds created Atomical Haze by combining some of the top Afghani and Indian genetics with the Original Haze. The result is a sativa dominant plant that explodes with sweet and sour, fruity flowers. Outdoor yields are rewarding to those who take good care of her, leaving you with approximately 800g per plant.

Atomical Haze needs generous amounts of sunlight and warmer climates. Its longer than average flowering times mean harvesting outdoors takes place towards the end of October. Atomical Haze might not be the easiest strain to grow but it is well worth the effort.

Super Bud - Green House Seeds

Super Bud is another indoor/outdoor indica strain that dominates if cultivated outside. This Big Bud and Skunk breed is fast flowering and will produce 1000g per plant by the end of September, depending on the region. Super Bud is easy to grow, making it perfect for first timers.

The structure of Super Bud is relatively short however branches can spread out, eventually developing nice, long buds that are covered in frosty trichomes. Flowers are sweet and fruity, with a strong, narcotic effect that leaves you feeling relaxed and calm. A great choice for relieving stress after a hard day at work.

Royal Runtz - Royal Queen Seeds

The Royal Runtz is a direct descendant of two of very potent strains: Gelato and Zkittlez. This USA variety will give you a hard couchlock, blast your mind into the stratosphere. Take things one toke at a time to gauge just how fast her THC level of 27% stimulate your endocannabinoid system.

Skywalker Haze - Dutch Passion

This strain is the result of crossing Blueberry and Mazar and then crossed with Amsterdam Amnesia to result in Skywalker Haze, a hard hitting sativa-dominant hybrid with a citrus flavor, while still having that legendary Mazar / Blueberry punch and flavor. Very high in THC levels and Skywalker Haze is a plant that can get a bit elongated and can take 9-10 weeks to complete.

West Coast OG - Fast Buds

West Coast OG has won multiple awards for being a top genetic in the autoflowering community. This chunky indica can yield up to 650g of beautiful kushy flower in around 9 - 10 weeks from seed to harvest, making this another exceptional addition to your outdoor garden.

THC levels of West Coast OG come in at approximately 21%, along with strong piney, citrusy flavours that give it a classic hint of OG Kush. This plant grows compact but expands during the later stages of vegging. A very decent producer for being such a small plant.

Purple Berry Kush - Spliff Seeds

Spliff Seeds has gifted us with this juicy Kush strain that is loaded with fruity berry flavour. This potent, high yielding plant is the result of crossing Spliff's Strawberry with OG Kush, making it perfectly resilient outdoor wonder bud.

Purple Berry Kush thrives in warmer climates and enjoys slightly heavier feeding. Its plant structure is short and bushy although outdoors plants can still reach up to 1.75m tall, yielding between 550 - 650g per plant. Flowers bloom in hues of purple through maturity, with strong aromas that range from sweet berries and lemon to classic kushy gas odors.

Dedoverde Haze - Humboldt Seeds

Dedoverde Haze from Humboldt Seeds

Dedoverde Haze is fantastic sativa hybrid that combines the best qualities of California Haze and the original Amnesia. Plants are built to grow, easily reaching 2 - 3 metres outdoors in drier, warmer climates. Bigger plants often means larger harvests, and this rings true for Dedoverde Haze. One plant will leave you with 600 - 900g, which is not bad at all.

Flowering times are average to late, meaning outdoor crops need to be chopped by late October. Buds have an intense citrusy smell with a spicy, tropical twist. With a substantial level of THC (up to 24%), the effect is on the stronger side, and leaves one feeling clear-headed and focused.


A lot of cannabis strains can be grown outdoors, but not all of them will produce bud to the standard a happy smoker has become used to. Remember, much of it comes down to personal preference, as well as the region you live in and how well you manage your green ladies. 

Growing outdoors is not just about huge harvests.

Plants need to be able to handle the conditions, as well as be pest and mold resistant. Of course, quality is also important, which is why we've selected these all around outdoor strains.


Outdoor Yield (per plant)

Harvest Time

(Northern Hemisphere)

Height (cm)

Glookies - Barneys Farm


Mid October

180 - 200

Sensi Amnesia - Sensi Seeds


10 week flowering period

up to 2 meter

Cream 47 - Sweet Seeds


Mid September

125 - 150

Atomical Haze - Paradise Seeds


Late October

120 - 150

Super Bud - Green House Seeds


Late September

100 - 120

Royal Runtz - Royal Queen Seeds


8 - 9 weeks of flowering

up to 180 cm

Skywalker Haze - Dutch Passion


9-10 weeks of flowering


West Coast OG - FastBuds


Autoflower 9-10 weeks

70 - 100

Purple Berry Kush - Spliff Seeds

550 - 650g

Late October

150 - 175

Dedoverde Haze - Humboldt Seeds

600 - 900g

Late October

200 - 300

Harvesting your outdoor plants at the end of the grow cycle is truly a gift. You will be glad you carefully selected your strains once you see the results of your first successful outdoor cultivation endeavours. Share your experience of growing outside with the community in the comments section below! Happy growing farmers!

External References

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Skywalker Haze

Royal Runtz

Sensi Amnesia

This article was updated April 2021.



To Me growing Outdoors is not about the Harvest....
But the resiliance of the Plant... according , mold, pests, and not perfect climatic conditions
When she starts to flower
How long she flowers
and to me its always the biggest Question in growing Outdoors, --- can I finish her , before Weather changes
Iam living in Northern Hemisphere and normally last Weeks of September, the " Big Rain" starts.
And some of this Strains are not my Top Ten
Out of living in Portugal or southern Spain
So it would be Interesting to have a list of Outdoor -Strains who fit to Northern Europe
Of other colder Climatic Zonesa like mine

My Outdoor List would be like

Honey Cream from RQS
Speedy Chile from RQS
Shaman- Dutch Passion
Hollands Hope-Dutch Passion
Frisian Dew- Dutch Passion
Frisian Duck
These are strains i have grown and can confirm their Great Outdoor-Performance


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@GreenHouseLab, For outdoor grows I prefer a cross breed. I love the sativa high, but the Indicas adapt better to extreme changes. I have grown Big Bang and Green-O- Matic in my yard and liked them very well. This year I had very good luck with an all sativa Wild Thai, but then again the weather was more tropical this year. Now we are dealing with the onslaught of smoke from the Pacific fires which effect the amount of sunshine and temperatures are suddenly lower. I always start from seed because I want a deep tap root to withstand the winds.

Outdoors is always a challenge because nature makes the rules, but it can also be rewarding when you grow a super producing plant that outputs anything indoors.
I have watched the Strain Hunters videos and am amazed at how the landrace strains have survived all these years. I personally think that each strain needs to be protected and saved from extinction, but I also believe in the science of cross breeding to create new strains which might be the answer to medical treatments for the better of mankind.
This site is a melting pot of home growers who share common knowledge of self experience. You can’t get that from commercial growers. If I were to fear anything cannabis related, it would be the commercialization of one superior breed and it be owned by some large conglomerate. Save the strains, save the landraces, but keep experimenting for the good of all.


@Mrs_Larimar, in our climate in Ontario Where we’ve already had two frosts, falls tend to be damp and rainy and white powdery mildew is everywhere I’ve found Crop Kings White Widow super frost and mold resistant so far. Girl Scout Cookies by OSS may be my new number 1 if it keeps trooping through this fall!


@Mrs_Larimar, last time I’ve truly grown outdoors was is 2003 :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: I am not a reference when it comes to outdoors and the strains that existed back then are not these crazy hybrids of today. @hellishjam @ButtersStotch would better know


I have always grown outside. Been doing it for years, many years. The biggest difference in growing outdoors has been the science of cross breeding of strains and the commercial abilities to buy quality seeds.

In the old school days you just collected your Columbian Red Bud seeds and planted. Now you can do your homework and select between sativa, indica, or cross breeds. Start some autos early while you get your late bloomers ready to go in ground.

Your region has a lot to do with your success. Not all strains do well in high heat, or high humidity. Here in the Midwest our weather is more radical than politics, you have to know what is going to handle the extreme changes. Follow the landrace varieties and compare those to your similar climate.


Every breeder has strains specifically for outdoor but don't be mistaken. A week of frost and tons of rain will destroy ur so called mold resistant plant too. U can pick strains that handle it better but it's always on mother nature's judgment if u succeed or not.

I grow sativas here but not in full ground. Forced flowering mid to late june is possible but u have to be able to move the pots around and hope for a calm September and October. Last year was bad, this year goes well. U can grow pretty much everything you want if u take care and be smart once flowering kicks in.


Yeah, I stilll don't see this as anything but an advertisement.
- Joshua have never grown these strains himself, and just repeat breeders own words. anyone buying seeds based on recommendations from people like Joshua, is surely gonna be disappointed. lol

that GD continues to send me notifications about these posts is laughable at best.



I would totally stop complaining about getting notifications, if they did that. lmao


@Justa_Retard,maybe GD and sponsors will send us some free sample seeds to grow and review?


Please stop sending me these.... Thank you


no more of these ! bonkers articles ! no sense behind them,this Joshua doesnt even know a single thing about growing..


Grew Glookies in Ontario this year:
1 plant
8’ finished, topped 3’
2.75lbs dry
Finished Oct 24
Great flavour
Easy grow
Maybe 17% thc tops

The only disappointment was the potency. These plants are beasts when put in the ground!