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Bud Blood Powder


Amazing results as always
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Ottimo ma non i migliori a mio avviso
Bene ma non i migliori
First ever grow, can't say much other than they worked well, pictures and yield speak for themselves
Advanced nutrients helped during the vegative stage I used the bud blood powder to increase the bud size and this strain ate it up big time the big bud only made the buds more bigger and dense then adding bud candy through out the flowering season was great even to the end I only flushed the palnt only 3 days before harvest no harshness at all buds still tasted smooth and used bud candy to the last day
Best quality nutrients I've used, also the most expensive. Will be using in all future grows.
Bud blood worked wonders for my girls when it came to them starting flower. This product has never failed me and I will be using again next season and I would recommend anyone to try wont be disappointed.
Bud blood seems to only cause burning and that's pretty much it. I tested both plants side by sidec and no changes with any. Big bud and overdrive however are here to stay! If you're going to use 2 nutrients during flower these are them 2!