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Advanced Nutrients

Making Cannabis an Acceptable and Everyday Part of Healing Humanity

Advanced Nutrients is widely regarded as one of the world’s most influential cannabis brands. In 1999, the company revolutionized cannabis science by developing the first complete nutrient system designed specifically for the kinds of plants you grow. Led by founder and CEO BigMike Straumietis, the company employs a large and diverse team of Ph.D. scientists who have conducted 15 years of licensed research to unlock the true genetic potential of the plant. The result is a broad spectrum of next-generation products that nourish each phase of your crop cycle from seed to senescence. Each component of the Advanced Nutrients system plays a specific role, such as improving nutrient uptake, providing organic beneficial bacteria that restore the natural balance of soil, and rooting and flowering formulas that are 100 percent safe for the environment. The line is a must-have for growers looking to optimize their operations with superior quality nutrients and science-backed techniques. With this comprehensive approach to cannabis cultivation, Advanced Nutrients has served as the go-to nutrient brand for the top growers in 107 countries and counting, with numerous cannabis cup winners touting the company’s products as the go-to feeding regimen behind their plants’ success. In addition to using premium ingredients, strict quality controls, and automated safeguards in manufacturing, each product is backed by the company’s unparalleled 100% performance guarantee. Discover more at

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Still loving this stuff! About 3/4 of the way thru this bottle and 2 years later.. Still works great!

2 minutes ago

I did use nutrients only when deficiencies very showing but the plant did not need much at all. I should evaluate these products under different circumstances to be more detailed. I still check the pH before adding to the plant because if you reduce the dose it's not granted that pH is spot on.

4 hours ago

I used the entire Organic OIM line, which isn’t all available on GrowDiaries yet so I had to use the mineral selection of Big Bud, Bud Candy & Sensizym but 100% of what I used was certified organic and not mineral mined or synthetic. I was very impressed with this line, I don’t think I had a single complaint about any of the nutrients. Each did a great job at keeping her healthy throughout the entire grow. I had great success using it and the organic nutrients make one hell of a compost tea! Thanks AN!

7 hours ago

Always hammers them when needed

7 hours ago

very good base for easy and healthy grow :muscle::green_heart: and specially for big bud and nirvana :the_horns::green_heart: they're best :green_heart::heart_eyes:

8 hours ago

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Latest comments


hi :)
where can i buy it ?i live in Romania and i cant find it anywhere !


@GIGIDURU,amazon sells the whole product line
hope this helps


i have learnt to love these nutes over the years from using the basic range and using when whole lot and it does take time figuring these nutes out but once you have leaned from your mistakes there is no going back , bud are noticably better visually , smell and on taste , be great if there as more info on how to get the best out of these using Autopot systems , somehing am still learning


Your fertilizers are truly fantastic. Large, powerful and resinous buds. Fantastic results even on autoflowering.


Hello, Advanced Nutrients Team,
I'm a 1st time grower, never grow anything indoor and outdoor i only did the casual veggies without nutrients (small harvest or dead).
So for the noob I am:neutral_face:, i got all 13 grandmastergrower bottles:yum: except for grow/bloom A/B, because of a gift I use Hy-Pro A/B.
Big fans of the artwork your using:heart_eyes:, we like them so much, we start to collect all of them. Hope to have good results on the HydroCoco grow all diy setup. Check my page and take a look if you want, one big experiment:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, all because of Youtube lolz. For sure I could use a little code for Eu shop, if i want to collect them all, wink wink. :relieved:

Wish your team good luck,:+1:
ps: Eu shops are out off Budcandy 250ml and 500ml, had to buy Carboload instead

Greetings :pray:


i use advanced before i stop because prices and some of boosters are not so performant like they say ..
.i use agro beta ...better quality


Hi there, I'm a new grower and am using AN for the first time. I've got a quick question about the Big Bud Powder:

On this site it says 2 grams per liter, but on the label it says 10 grams per 20 liters, which works out to half a gram per liter. This is a significant difference - could you please clarify?