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I've been growing with Aurora Innovations - Roots Organics line of nutrients for the last 10 years with great success.
Love it but too much to mix. Will also change growing medium so I have more control over feeding.
Roots Organics always works with no fuss.
It was good smelled oraganic gave me a great grow Buddha grow was hard to get from bottle clogged up the syringe switching to emerald
Un grand plaisir de travailler avec cette marque la gamme soul me plaît vraiment bien elle est bien complète et les plantes non eu aucune carence .
Tellement content de cette gamme j' hésite à essayer la dernière gamme que je n est pas tester ou refaire un set avec cette gamme
Strong stuff it seems but I still underfed.
Une tres belle gamme d engrais bio bien complète Aucune carence dans ma culture .
Les engrais HP2 et Le HPK on vraiment donnes le résultat que j attendait .
It the 5th grow with the Soul line from Aurora Innovation and it a basic line that performs well with coco. The only thing is that you have to use 1/3rd of recommended dose.