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Aurora Innovations is the important part of a large community. It was founded in Eugene, Oregon by a group of conscientious, organic gardeners. The main goal is a creation of unique organic products for your gardens and to make the planet healthier and happier.

Aurora Innovations has developed different fields of manufacture. It started as a greenhouse supply and lighting producer. The growth of the company brought a high development of the fertilizer line.

Aurora Innovations aims at production the best and top-quality products for growing. It uses the high-grade ingredients and modern equipment and has a good command of  talented professionals.



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These are really good nutes not too strong and slow release 9/10
3 days ago
Amazing dry nut made a super soil with them!
3 weeks ago
Good as a soil amendment but hydrophobic when added to normal feeds
3 weeks ago
It's great as a soil amendment but not so great as a supplement in the feed as it's supremely hydrophobic.
3 weeks ago
Highly hydrophobic but it's a really good dry soil amendment for cal and mag. Might end up putting twice as much for next grow so I don't end up having to add it to the feeds as much
3 weeks ago

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The Roots Organic's and Soul Line of fert's are absolutely DA BOMB!!! I am currently using Aurora Innovations Soil, Planting Bags, Dry and Liquid Fertilizer's and it is the reason of my constant harvest of sticky sweet and crystalized Buds!!!