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This brand is fantastic, and totally organic. What I put into my flower is most important to me, not only for final quality and yeild, but to know that everything going into the plant is safe for final consumption. :facepunch::ok_hand::seedling::seedling::green_heart:
It worked fine, but quickly learned that suggested amounts by BioBizz is overkill. I cut all nutes by half or more and finished the plants just fine. I can't compare to anything else as it's my first grow, and I've done so many mistakes during it that it's hard to tell what effect the nutrients had.
Excellent range of Nutrients!! Caters for all your plants needs!!
Only used these during recovery, but once she went to my friend it was compost and soil only.
I made a few mistakes, so is difficult to say if the nutrients helped much.
Great line , just the smell of that fish mix damn xpxp .
Con biobizz jamás tuve quemaduras por exceso de nutrientes, las plantas siempre se vieron cómodas y sanas
After this cultivation I can say that these fertilizers produce and develop very little plants, I have tried them all, from automatic to photoperiodic, but the result is always the same! After 1 year of use the yield was poor, even if all the precautions were used. that there are to be taken, I followed the table using the same amount of fertilizers described, I tried in another crop to halve the ml, I also tried to give the plants 24h a day of light, I also tried at 18/6 but nothing, from led I switched to mh and hps 600w the result was what you see.
Sehr zufrieden :+1:
BioBizz nutes are ok, but I think I will switch to other solutions for my next grow.