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I love this protection I will use it for sure every time
Great leaf boost for matured plant
Great results if sprayed on mature plant, youngsters could be harmed.
He abandonado Bio-Bloom y Top-Max a mitad del cultivo para pasarme al organico Leaf-Coat parece ha ido bien, pero es muy caro, por lo que la relación calidad-precio NO compensa Solo mantengo el uso del Bio-pH- para ajustar pH en las aguas de riego
Easy to use and no problems at all, I’m fascinated by what I achieved with these fertilizers on my first grow, I used the complete range that biobizz offers.
good tracks if you know how to handle them :)
Really nice set of nutrients. Full bio, and that's a very important point, maybe the most important in fact... Very nice quality and really easy to use. I won't change.
Organic & quality way :smiley:
Basic, organic, fine quality nutrients :smiley: Septic about the Leaf-Coat
Protección total, solo un poco caro en comparación a la duración