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This is very good Cal/Mag. If I have learned anything these plants need Cal/Mag in their diet.:+1:
I love this cal-mag because it delivers so much more than just cal and mag but also fulvic acid and the "Big 6"
This Cal-Mag delivers a lot more than just cal and mag, but fulvic acids and the "big 6" I'm glad I got it and will keep using it in my living soil grow.
Seemed to work, kept deficiencies away.
Cal mag was a good investment although it was probably implemented too late
This is my go to Cal/Mag and I've never had any problems with it.
Added CleanKelp to this grow.. a very good product! I will use on all future grows. I believe it helped me prolong flower to max yield. CalMag is what it is.. a good product.
If you're a Coco guy like myself then you know how vital this stuff is!
I'm a Coco guy and this stuff is vital to me!
A great cal-mag for Coco growing!
The Purple Punch couldn't be happier with this Cal/Mag. Showed no signs of any Cal/Mag deficiencies.