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Girl Scout Cookies! LST under COBs
19 weeks
Girl Scout Cookies! LST under COBs Short_N_stockY
Girl Scout Cookies
101 comments · 3 years ago
Gorilla Zkittles
19 weeks
Gorilla Zkittles ChiefIllini
Gorilla Zkittlez
15 comments · 8 months ago
Mimosa Mainlined: Barney's Farm
20 weeks
Mimosa Mainlined: Barney's Farm vTv12
Mimosa Evo
17 comments · 4 months ago
Gorilla Glue Auto Fastbuds
15 weeks
Gorilla Glue Auto Fastbuds Sloppy
Gorilla Glue Auto
7 comments · 1 year ago
Ethos Genetics Mandarin Zkittles Tent
17 weeks
Ethos Genetics Mandarin Zkittles Tent MILove420
Mandarin Zkittlez
17 comments · 3 weeks ago
Barney’s Farm LSD auto
17 weeks
Barney’s Farm LSD auto Gorfgrows
LSD Auto
17 comments · 11 months ago
Gelat.OG Auto - Seedsman
18 weeks
Gelat.OG Auto - Seedsman Smoke_Weed_Maintain
Gelat.OG Auto
13 comments · 7 months ago
FastBuds Lemon AK & Gorilla Glue
16 weeks
FastBuds Lemon AK & Gorilla Glue Joegrows
+1 strain
25 comments · 6 months ago

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Super Silver Haze
6 weeks
Super Silver Haze Zaphod420
Super Silver Haze
5 comments · 2 days ago
Bagseed Variety Grow
1 week
Bagseed Variety Grow MILove420
+1 strain
2 comments · 1 week ago
Star Killer
6 weeks
Star Killer Zaphod420
Star Killer OG
4 comments · 2 days ago
blueberry lemon haze auto
4 weeks
blueberry lemon haze auto MULLIGAN
Blueberry x Lemon Haze Auto
6 comments · 4 weeks ago
Purple Punch Auto X 2
8 weeks
Purple Punch Auto X 2 Orion1522
Purple Punch Auto
13 comments · 6 days ago
Grow 2 - Dec 2020
8 weeks
Grow 2 - Dec 2020 BeachGanja
+1 strain
5 comments · 2 days ago

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If you're a Coco guy like myself then you know how vital this stuff is!

1 week ago

I'm a Coco guy and this stuff is vital to me!

1 week ago

A great cal-mag for Coco growing!

1 week ago

Rock solid performance. I just stared using it a couple of grows ago and will keep buying it from now on.

4 weeks ago

The Purple Punch couldn't be happier with this Cal/Mag. Showed no signs of any Cal/Mag deficiencies.

1 month ago

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