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Feed these in vegetative state for strong plants
Excellent results! Using for every grow.
Not bad at all! I totally noticed a difference in on how big her stalk got and side branches. Also was able to hold those big bud without any net.
Makes plant stems very :muscle: strong
great way to support a small business that harvests sustainably.
Used them the entire cycle and Bruce stayed nice and green with huge growth
Added during veg for nice green color and stronger branches.
Ended up using this as an early supplement just after topping, and also used as pH up numerous times throughout the grow. Can't tell if it helped strength and yield, but it sure didn't hurt.
Jury’s still out on this one. I’ll need to compare with other options.
Great products, I enjoy their company
No need for plant yo-yos when I use this stuff, nice sting stems.
In general good. Pleased with the organic aspect. The bottles themselves suck in keeping the liquid in, many leaks from shaking.