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The Cal mag did a wonderful job of keeping my Calcium and Magnesium in check making the who grow go just that much smoother not having to worry anout a al or mag deficiency. As Far as the liquid seaweed I really didnt get to use it enough to give an honest opinion of how my plants reacted to the mix.
Great brand especially for silica foliar sprays.
Been great as I learn right amounts the more I use it.
Been good but amounts on labels is not for cannabis as all nutrition is.
Worked great for nutrition for this grow
Been working great for cannabis. Label amounts are too strong by a lot
Been using it and learning amounts needed. Was feeding heavy causing ph drops as substrate got dry. Recommend dose is way to high on bottle for autoflowers, and photoperiods.
Has been fairly good so far for growing.
Have had higher quality flowers since switching. Still working on right dosing for autos. This grow was a bad example.