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Kritical GB-the Green Brand 2nd round!
24 weeks
Kritical GB-the Green Brand 2nd round!MiyaguiOkPolilla
GB Strains - Kritical GB
10 months ago · 124 comments
Crítical Fast CBD
15 weeks
Crítical Fast CBDMiyaguiOkPolilla
Critical Fast CBD
9 months ago · 67 comments
Primer cultivo
4 weeks
Primer cultivoSaLvi
+1 strain
a year ago · 3 comments
CBD Amnesia
16 weeks
CBD Amnesia MiyaguiOkPolilla
GB Strains - Amnesia CBD
9 months ago · 66 comments
Pastel de bodas verde
12 weeks
Pastel de bodas verdeMiyaguiOkPolilla
GB Strains - Wedding Cake Fast
5 months ago · 73 comments
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