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CANNA Aqua Flores A

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Cant beat the quality u get from this stuff
Best I’ve used. A bit of trouble bringing the PH down with rizhotonic
First time with nutrients so I'm not such an expert, rhizotonic seems like good stuff ,didn't had any problem with roots
Quality speaks for itself
First time I tried these, the ph/ec was pretty stable, plants pretty happy, overall I think it works well however I did get less flowers in ratio to plant material i.e. the buds were a bit more leafy but the leaves are full of thc so no complaints :D, can't say it did much but this round the tent did smell stronger than the previous round with more heavy dank smells so they may have helped.
I HAVE NEVER used anything else but CANNA...................:point_right:it is one steady good experience:point_left:
Canna always coming through with their awesome nutrient range :pray:
Produces quality every time
Now ive tried Hesi id definitely swap to them :blush: