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Gotta have the worm castings. For all else in combination with recharge and Espoma it'a win win

3 months ago

Great products no complaints about the way it's used or how the plants react not as powerful as synthetic..

7 months ago

Works well and the plants seemed to respond good to it .. in going to be looking at other organics soon

8 months ago

Good brand would prefer a more natural way to feed like top dressings and such ..

11 months ago

The whole line up was effective and organic I don't ever really use a lot of nutrients ..When I did go a little heavy the ladies never seemed bothered by it so I was happy using all organic for my grow ..

1 year ago

Great product and tons of benefits worked really well for my whole grow and I can't wait to keep using it .

1 year ago

Great nutrition for the ladies they all loved it and had minimal burn to the plant ..They did respond well to the line up and I'm eager to get my next ladies going with this nute again .

1 year ago

The plants loved the nutrients I rarely seen any leaf discoloration from over feeding ..Towards the end I was using alot I thought but the plants were eating it up .. The solution also was easy to ph and mic for feeding ..

1 year ago

The plants liked this line up . Never had any issues with plant showing nutrition lock or deficiencies . They mix easily and ph testing is simple great company ..

1 year ago