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Fire OG Outdoor Scrog 2020
23 weeks
Fire OG Outdoor Scrog 2020 oldfkr
fire og
5 comments · 5 days ago
California Love
7 weeks
California Love JohnnyAppleweed
Californian Snow
2 comments · 1 day ago
Rooibaard / Red Beard
7 weeks
Rooibaard / Red Beard HazeBee
Rooibaard / Red Beard (South African Strain)
2 months ago
Super Silver Haze First Grow
8 weeks
Super Silver Haze First Grow HazeBee
Super Silver Haze
3 comments · 2 weeks ago
Jock Horror First Grow
6 weeks
Jock Horror First Grow HazeBee
Jock Horror
6 comments · 2 months ago
Summer grow
16 weeks
Summer grow Travazaurus
+1 strain
19 comments · 3 weeks ago

Latest reviews

Great products no complaints about the way it's used or how the plants react not as powerful as synthetic..

2 days ago

Good brand would prefer a more natural way to feed like top dressings and such ..

2 months ago

Works well and the plants seemed to respond good to it .. in going to be looking at other organics soon

2 months ago

The whole line up was effective and organic I don't ever really use a lot of nutrients ..When I did go a little heavy the ladies never seemed bothered by it so I was happy using all organic for my grow ..

3 months ago

Great product and tons of benefits worked really well for my whole grow and I can't wait to keep using it .

3 months ago

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