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Easy to use once we added all chemicals together early growth is hard to get good ph. Late grow is easier. Buds were not dense though but I tortured them. Great 1 st experience
I liked this product, straight forward and simple to use. I found out from the local shop where I bought it from that I messed up pretty hard with the mighty bloom enhancer dosing during the 7th week and should of only used 5ml/l for one feeding (I did a whole weeks amount :grimacing:). But the plant obviously took it and ran!
Meh, moving out of store bought nutes
First time using and impressed although next time I will ignore the mighty bloom at 5ml pl for a week. As I think that burnt one of my plants a bit.
Okay, but changing to dry nutrients. Regenaroot a keeper though.
This was a great brand and I'd recommend it to fellow grower or anyone. I was honestly able to use the recommended dose without having any deficiencies or toxicity.