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Loved the head masta seen great results as soon as this was used

1 week ago

Easy to use once we added all chemicals together early growth is hard to get good ph. Late grow is easier. Buds were not dense though but I tortured them. Great 1 st experience

1 month ago

Huge roots :+1::skin-tone-2:

2 months ago

I wouldn't use these nutes again too much going on. why have so many bottles when you only need a couple

2 months ago

Roots where fantastic and I was recommended this because it runs cleaner through a Wilma system and I have to agree. Great product.

2 months ago

I think it helped but it was my first time using it .

3 months ago


4 months ago

Both Super Criticals have absolutely LAPPED up the flower nutes. Love the stuff

6 months ago


7 months ago

Best root enahncer

7 months ago


7 months ago

Awesome. Ran out have to reup

7 months ago

Great stuff sad I am out

8 months ago

Great Product

8 months ago
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