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Mag-Pro Sulfur & Magnesium Booster

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Incredible nutrient lineup. It's probably my grow-to choice now.
First time using this line up but the results looks good. Would use it again for sure!
Love this lineup, it is what I'm using for a while.
These are excellent nutrients for any growing. Tells exactly what's in it. If it's good enough for your local University research ......
Super easy nutrients that yielded incredible results. Still testing out other nutrients, but this is easily the best I've used so far.
This is my first time using Dyna-Gro nutrients and they couldn't have made hydroponics any easier. Feed chart was simple, but very effective.
No problems with the nutrients. I probably overdid it in flower a bit, as I just followed the feeding chart vs actually letting the plant tell me how much to give. I have nothing to compare it against, but I am happy with the results. Giving 5 stars, only because there were no problems due to them, and I don't have anything to compare saying that something else would definitely be better.
Good pk booster use sparingly stuff is strong for autos if your using other base Nutes as well
You have to ignore there recommended dose and skip at least the first two weeks. Then only 1/4 to 1/2 dose the rest of the grow
All nutrients are the same, cheep and can get local