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Growing it
Very deep,very very clean and too long staying (~1 day) high. It keeps you light and happy throughout your journey.Scissor hash was extremely energetic,extremely.Buds after 1 month of curing feel deeper and still energetic. Just a bit more different than other strains. It goes deeper and deeper as time passes.Starts with a short buzz that is directly to the head.Afterwards you feel a very clean high. It is so clean that you forget you are high above the ground and want to hit another joint.I don't recommend that. Just give it some break after a joint. High is incredibly clean,deep and uplifting overall.It's the first time I smoke a weed like this. For some bodies, this can be very racy,sometimes it happens. I feel warm with Panama,along with a deep energy that makes my legs move unconsciously while sitting.It is different than ACE's Congo.It was energetic too but with longer buzz in the head and was consistent on a higher level.Panama goes down deeper and deeper after a short head buzz.It is still in your head but goes deeper.This one lasts too long and can continue for almost a day for occasional smokers.It can cause insomnia,this is why I smoke at least two joints before sleep.More joints make it heavier and it helps sleeping.Otherwise only with a joint,you'll still be moving while your eyes closed.
Another interesing part ; sound hallucination is true.You hear all frequencies on stereo channel.Feels and sounds good,right.

Taste is great as well. Fresh mango smell during flowering has become sweeter in jars.Taste is like apples at first,I get a paste taste after that and lastly some tree/wood notes.
Smooth taste (plant wasn't flushed) and comfortable smoke.
Panama is a very unique one for me.From both angles; growing and smoking.Another gourmet stuff by ACE (They are quick and helpful to my messages)
1 month ago