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Rooflower Apprentice
Lemon Ice
Growing it
Uplifting High , strong smell and taste.

Lots of citrus and woody touches .
Used that for Day smoking to be honest mostly, really nice high when you in the nature.
8 months ago
GardenOfHerbs GrandMaster
Lemon Ice
Growing it
* harvest: day 134 total. Day 66 of flower. day 1 of week 20.

* dry bud yield: 112gram

* Appearance: very dense, frosty colorfull buds

* Bud density: 9/10

* Aroma : pure lemon/citrus zest

* Taste : amazing sweet citrus lemon candy aroma,

* Potency : 9/10

* Kind of high: perfect after dinner smoke, you just want to relax and chill

* Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 20% amber 80% milky

* Drying time: 10 days in the dry tent, 3 days in the jar

* Length of buzz: 2 -3 hours

* Good comments: beautifull plant to grow, Even though she was the smallest plant of the four, she yielded the most. She was super easy to train, she was easy on the nutrients, perfect for a beginner. She tastes delicicious and its very potent so i will grow her again for sure

* bad comments: nothing at all

*other comments: failed with the mainlining because 100gram is just not a good yield for waiting 20weeks, so i wont be doing that again! Better luck next time, it was a great experiment tho and i learned alot.
3 years ago