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Milkshake Kush Autoflower

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Rinna Apprentice
Milkshake Kush Autoflower
Growing it
Deffo a night smoke, although I think the taste was effected by wasing and mildew. The buds tasted rather sour (stale-sour) and the hash I made smelled like vomit after 'cursing' it for 3 weeks so I didn't dare to smoke it really... The last 3 weeks really messed up the whole harvest. Washed the buds that looked okay with a hydrogen peroxide solution to make sure the fungi were killed. I must say the buds that we're saved were al right. I am a hash smoker though so my roommate enjoyed most of it, I prefer the effects of more balanced THC:CBD ratio's (3:1). The buds still tested 15% THC, considering the fact they were washed and I tested the popcorn buds, it's an okay results. Will be growing different auto's from AG next season, as you can see the buds were huge and I would have probably yielded about 150 grams from 5 plants if it wasn't for the rain. The final smokable yield was just under 30 grams.
10 months ago