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GMSgrows GrandMaster
Gelato Xtrm
Growing it
Very strong strain. Held up to huge winds and rain. Piney tasting, if that what's your after...To the woke crowd, maybe it took on a piney taste do to it growing under a big pine tree..:sunglasses:
Final tally I have jarred not including what I let some friends take to trim was 76 ounces. 4 ounce one buddy got from plant 3, which was my largest haul actually brings that one girl up to 26 ounces. I gave 1/3 of plant 4 to another friend. I jarred 7 jars from that girl and I figure he will have another 5 ounce dry at least. Very tasty flowers, enrich your pallet with a nice pine taste with a hint of some spice in there. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds sure know what their doing over there. These are some of the tastiest outdoor plants I have ever grown. Could pass as indoor very easily....I would have gave this a 10 star but there was a little WPM, so I had to spray them once with some milk and water. 1 treatment were all they needed to remedy the problem though:+1::+1::+1:
2 months ago