The Kryptonite strain is one of the stronger strains available at the moment. This top notch strain has all the great qualities you are looking for in a medicinal strain. We crossed our all-time favorite Medijuana with the immensely potent Amnesia Trance, resulting in our stunning Kryptonite seeds. This powerful hybrid; Kryptonite will blow your mind and it tastes amazing. The taste can best be described as peppery with a lemony aftertaste. Kryptonite marijuana is a heavy smoke with great haze qualities. The effects of it hit hard and last a long time, providing a strong body buzz that that can make you feel sedated and euphoric at the same time. Kryptonite weed leaves you floating.
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Genes50% Indica / 50% Sativa
GeneticsMedijuana x Amnesia Trance
Harvest600 - 999 g/m²
Flowering65 - 84 days
THC20 - 26%
CBD0.3 - 0.9%
Room TypeIndoor
Room TypeOutdoor
Room TypeGreenhouse


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