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Djesus GrandMaster
Auto Nova OG
Growing it
Day 72 Nova OG Auto Harvest

Hello to all the cannabis growers.

The plant Nova OG Auto By Anesiaseeds is finished after 7 days of rinsing and 2 days of total rest, here comes the harvest time.

So to start with, it's a variety to grow in 10 weeks from seed to today,

This plant was healthy from start to finish.

I have not put on too much fat to see how far the little one can go and despite that it really showed all of their potential.

The waterings were made by 3 per week including 1 with nutrients.

The trichormes appeared after the 6th week and the plants started to give off a very strong fantastic odor.

A smell of coffee with tropical nuances which makes it a product that can easily be taped on the couch.

Either way the plant was carefully manicured and joined.

I will come back to you when the buds are ready to go into their jars for hardening.
1 year ago