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Silky_smooth GrandMaster
Pink Starburst
Growing it
They where such amazing preformers that i already germed a new one

Took these girls on a adventure with planting 4 seeds in one hydro cup and training them out to a side of the hydro Bucket before topping them into a quadline....and what a beautifull grow it was having both pheno’s in one Bucket

Pheno 1(lighter pheno) is dried and final weight of her did not dissapoint one bit giving me 116.73 grams But even better are the beautifull almost orange buds that are very dense in structure and so so beautifully flavoured.....hints of berries with Some earthy undertones.....:pray::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Pheno 2(darker pheno) is still drying and yet to be manicured and have no final weight on her yet but Will be added asap
7 months ago