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A medicine better suited for use during the daytime, Moonstone is fresh in light tropical flavours and rich with sweet candy-like terpenes. Many users report a noticeable increase in blood circulation and a heightened sense of well-being while consuming this beautiful autoflower. Moonstone has also been noted as a fantastic anti-depressant and appetite stimulant.

Moonstone acts a strong muscle relaxant, easing stiff and aching joints while also relieving numerous other pains throughout the body such as migraines, sciatica and most notably for many of our female users, menstrual cramps.

The relaxant qualities of Moonstone can also aid in reducing Restless Leg Syndrome and brings relief to many patients suffering with Multiple Sclerosis.

Taken in higher doses Moonstone is very well equipped to act as a strong sleeping aid however it is probably more suited as a medication for use during the daytime and evening to get ones creative juices flowing and to assist one during times of meditation and reflection.

This very soothing, and very moreish autoflower holds strong anti-anxiety properties, increases ones appetite and noticeably for some, acts as a strong aphrodisiac.

Gender Regular
Genetics Pakistani x Black Stone
Harvest 50-100+ gr
Flowering 8-12 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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