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Sweet CBD Auto

OutForReal GrandMaster
Sweet CBD Auto
Growing it
I had to cut the plant due to Mrs Spinner , as I want to maintain peace in my house I am actually cutting the plants she don't wanna see around and that sweet CBD was one of them.

I am satisfied with the yield but any yield would have been great, I only regret that I had to cut early.
The buds are smelling citrus and citrus and citrus. Maybe a bit of mint but really muted undertone. A great taste.

Consistency is good , I mean the buds are a bit fluffy and leafy but after a good trimming the outcome looks nice, not great but nice.

The effect was quite muted as well , I mean I can't really tell what happens. I felt ok , almost relaxed but I can't day if it was a real state or if my mind wanted to feel what I am supose to feel with CBD and that is why I need to double check, double smoke.

EDIT : I am now perfectly understanding the CBD effect and I must confess that I am totally convinced by the product. It's perfect for sleeping or for my back pain ( Damn , am I that old ? ) and when I smoke it I feel like it releasing me from the stress. :the_horns::blush::seedling: I will grow some more soon
2 years ago