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OutForReal GrandMaster
Grapefruit Auto
Growing it
This diary is bringing a lot of "first time" to me :

1st time that I'm harvesting a weed so quick as the oldest took 62 days from seed to harvest which is a perfect weed to grow all year long as you can have 6 crop a year :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::mask:

I am just realizing that the yield is the same for each plant :mask: it's the 1st time for me that 2 plants from the same strain are yielding exactly the same : 1::v::grin: it's not that common so I wanted to underline that fact.

The plants has been harvested and they are drying upside down in a closet with a fan blowing in their direction.

#1 : 52.30 Grams
Taste : Orange peel and Berries :tangerine::strawberry:
Smell : Orange peel
Effect : Talkative, mind motivation , creativity are the 1st effects then you are relaxed , happy , tired but not sleepy. That weed is keeping your mind in a state of constant awareness of what is going on around you while your body will slowly become heavy : 1:
Personal tips : Good weed to make love when both has took a hit :heart_eyes:

#2 : 52.50 Grams
Taste : Orange peels and something else
Smell : Orange peels and something else
Effect : Same same but different :v::grin: the effect is similar to the other one but this one is clearly attacking the size of your eyes , so you'll have red & small eyes . That one is relaxing but with a stone effect at the end. It's harder to resist and you'll get that sleepy / stone effect that is perfect when you know how to manage it :smirk:

Easy or Hard to grow ?

Super easy to take care of , open structure easy to manage , tight buds easy to trim , resistant to humidity , can accept a nice amount of fertilizer but an average dosage will be enough for a descent crop.

What can you improve ?

-The training methods !! With a topping at the right moment and some light defoliation to improve light penetration :v:

-The feeding : In coco I will push the ec around 2 :v:

Will you grow it again ? Recommending it ?

I've got 5 more seeds that I will convert into weed jars before the end of the year :pray::muscle:
I am recommending it to every coco nobs like me :v:

The three way smoke test [INCOMING]

# Doobies without tobacco #

Acidulous sweet orange peel taste , exactly in the grapefruit terpenes range :ok_hand: The throat can feel a smooth smoke so hard to caught if you're not a newbie which is important to be said because my flush wasn't the best one and the leaves were still green after the drying process.

There is a spicy after taste , like cinnamon or/and ginger that is creating a "one more puff" effect

# Crafty+ Vaporizer #

It's a different kind of hit ! The grapefruit is a nice vapor producer unlike some weeds I've tried. I only vaped it at 200 C° so I don't know about the vapor produced with a lower heating temp. The taste is nice even if I can taste the chlorophyll which means that my drying was too quick.
The effect is quick and It was a giggling stone :smirk:

# Water Pipe #
Taste is ok , hit isn't hard. Stone is good but I prefer the doobies and the vapo.
3 years ago
OutForReal GrandMaster
Zkittlez Auto
Growing it
So the seedling died :sweat::sweat::sweat: I have 2 boxes , one with the ideal veg conditions ( particularly on term of humidity range ) and the second one is perfect for flowering but a bit too dry for a seedling .......... the seedling were in the second tent :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

That weed is a killer strain , very flavorful, potent and a nice yielder so I will be back soon with 2 new seeds to pop :muscle:
3 years ago
OutForReal GrandMaster
This strain is a good one unfortunately my seeds did not made it , I feel like it's due to my method as am usually doing differently
3 years ago

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Hey thanks for checking out my first grow ever! Hoping I live up to the standard that this site and yourself have produced! If you have any tips for me to make life easier I'm always down to learn! Cheers and happy growing!


Cheers for info m8,I was just hoping to get little more light to the bottom of plant but I really dont want to stress them


Thank you for your wonderfully written diaries:+1: Will follow:sunglasses: Canada Rocks:heart_eyes:


I highly appreciate all your valuable advises and all the tips you are sharing with me.
Big plus and positive vibes are "flying" to you, my friend:ok_hand::+1::sunglasses:


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my grows! You have an impressive list of awards and diaries. Respect! Stay tuned and Stay Blessed :pray::alien:


Thanks for your reply spinn, I’m probably being wishful mate, I’ve added a few more pics


Thank you for your advice


Thx 4 comming Back on my grow question. Sorry for the delay, didn't mentioned that you wrote. :+1::+1:
It wasn't my intension to increase THC, I thought that due to the Stress of having no lights for a certain amount of time, the plant would produce more Trichomes. As I understand you right, this improves the taste not the amount of Trichomes, right?
Thx again for your Support, cheerz... OimRausch