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Cariboo_OG Apprentice
Utopia Haze
Growing it
Sweet and Spicy fruity, mint flavor with a citrus herbal exhale.. if you can dig that this had a lovely cerebral buzz. Hazey :p
4 months ago
LeeTHaze Newbie
Utopia Haze
Growing it
The dry is complete, and the numbers are . . . 456g dried!!!

*7 days of drying attached to the stem; put into jars when stems snapped cleanly + outside dry

I am extremely happy with the outcome. I was estimating around 250g dried, but to get just under 1.2g/watt with my US$70 light as well as only having 3/5 of the space as green canopy, I am shocked to be honest. Ecstatic, but shocked. SLH came in at 210g (208g on the scale, 2g was used for testing purposes), UH#1 with a strong 239 (236g on the scale, 3g used for testing purposes ), and the two runts made 7g.

The Utopia Haze . . . she was a delight to grow! UH#1 germinated within 24 hours, and never stopped her pace! She grew vigorously , handled training very well + LST + HST, works well under a SCRG net, and her growth pattern is quite spread out and uniform, which again is ideal for a SCROG. She could take the recommended dose of nutrients and more, and wasn’t even phased by a small root aphid outbreak. She did hermie, but it’s definitely my fault: I had the lights too close as well as letting the temps drop too low. She definitely likes a warmer environment (the SLH didn’t hermie, but she seemed to like the cold). The other UH were runts; again, my fault not the genetics. They somehow became “root bound” and stopped growing. Only after an aggressive transplant did they start to grow again, so it’s not the genetics. Trying the smoke after the dry, and as to be expected from non cured weed: not really much happens in terms of flavor and aroma lol. She does have an intense, sweet-mint smell to her already though, which I am looking forward to enjoying after a 4 week cure. Even with all the trouble I gave her, she put out 239g of dried bud so I am pleased with her. Clones are in place, so I will improve on her and fully get the most out of these genetics!

I rate Utopia Haze 8/10: grows fast, highly disease and mold resistant, high yielder, delicious smell, amazing growth structure, can hermie if stressed too much, will outgrow your space unless you train.

(Technically it’s 486 as 30g of dried larf + trim was processed for dabs, but I thought not to include it overall).
2 years ago