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Widow Remedy

Fibro_Witch Master
Widow Remedy
Growing it
Growing this strain was ok, she's a heavier feeder than other strains. She was a late bloomer but had a decent finish. Had some mold so that affected numbers, so definitely needs protection. I harvested October 5th and frankly she could have gone a bit longer but I was worried about mold spreading and I wanted to keep this strain light anyway. The smell is fantastic though. She smells like a green apple Jolly Rancher!

With that being said, this is a good daytime strain. Relaxing, but active. I actually went for a ride about an hour after vaping and noticed my hips were much more flexible and I was focused. Great strain for yoga or meditation.

*Update- I wish I could give this strain another star. While it was a heavy feeder and not the largest yields, the final product is unique. Since it's cured for the better part of a year I've been doing the occasional wake and bake with this strain and my day always goes better. I like to put on an uplifting trance mix while doing yoga or watching a tour of the Universe.
12 months ago
Organic_Herbalist Apprentice
Widow Remedy
Growing it
Medium height (even for small conditions) with very hard / compact buds.
The taste is predominantly tart with sweet notes.
I like it, very pleasant to smoke with a strong positive effect that also stimulates the appetite.
If I make a scale of all regular Barneys Farm varieties would be in 3rd place right after Critical Kush and Afghan Hash Plant.
If you take more you get to feel narcotic as couchkock effects, so rather for the night.
'For stronger effects Widow Remedy is highly recommended.
1 year ago