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Auto Purple Skunk

Auto Purple Skunk is an Indica dominant hybrid resulted in crossing Purple Kush and Skunk Auto. It's a blend of the best characteristics of parent genetics: amazing, purple color and Skunky taste and effects. The plant grows easily, fast and vigorously and its ready to harvest in 8 weeks from germination. It develops classic Skunk structure, with a shape of a fir, large main cola with many side branches. The buds are very dense and generously coated with sticky, aromatic resin. With THC levels that peak at about 15-20% you can expect a potent, very relaxed and mellow high that starts with cerebral euphoria. The taste is on the sweeter side with strong Skunk aroma and fruit notes of berries. Great for a lazy afternoon!
Gender Feminised
Genes 63% Indica / 37% Sativa
Genetics Purple Kush x Skunk Auto
Harvest 375 - 550 g/m²
Flowering 63 - 70 days
THC 15.0 - 20.0%
CBD 0.4 - 0.8%
Ruderalis 5%
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released

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