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Auto Amnesia Haze by Biological Seeds is the result of a long process of selection to change some aspects that made the original Amnesia Haze unappealing for many growers.

Our geneticists have worked on two main critical factors of the mother plant, being in the end able to limit the plant's height, inconvenient for those working in smaller indoor spaces, and to shorten the long flowering time that discourages even the more experienced growers.

It offers the same euphoric effect of the original Amnesia with a total period of growth and flowering of 80 days and a maximum height of the plant ranging from 75 to a maximum of 85 cm.

Do not underestimate its remarkable medicinal qualities which, together with other well-known, make it a truly comprehensive plan. But do not overdo it with the nutrients: such as the Auto Amnesia Original, the Amnesia Haze by Biological suffers especially the hyper fertilization.

These changes make this variety usually craved and "difficult", within the reach of less experienced growers.

The development of the plant, with a clear Sativa dominance, is therefore remarkable, it is one of the biggest autoflowering of the moment and also one of the most productive!

Auto Amnesia Haze by Biological Seeds is a true prodigy intended mainly to Haze lovers who can not afford a long growing time.

The intense, sweet and spicy aroma of the Amnesia is enriched by the hints of citrus and fresh typical of Haze, the effect is strong and penetrating, euphoric and lasting.

Gender Feminised
Genes I
Harvest 50-80 gr/plant
Flowering 12 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released


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Endriu Apprentice
Auto Amnesia
Growing it
Auto Amnesia from Biological Seeds.
This plant was fantastic! I am amazed on how tall and nice she was grow. I regret used a small pot (6.5lt) but didn't had more space so...

The scents are like grapefruit and something like pine's resin! Never smell something like this before on a plant!
She was also very resistant to mites, just a couple of leaves were attached and only in her last days of life.
One thing that I dislike, she takes too much time to maturing well, for an auto.
3 years ago

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